Parineetii 30th May 2022 Written Update: Parineet invites Neeti’s mother to Neeti’s marriage

Parineetii 30th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajeev asking Neeti if they are planning to share him. Neeti leaves angrily. Parineet feels worried about seeing the bad weather thinking about whether it’s a bad sign. Vikram picks up Gurpreet and Mandeep. Mandeep scolds him for coming late. Gurpreet says he may be stuck in traffic. Gurpreet sees his wounds and asks him to stop the car and asks if he fought with anyone. Mandeep asks if he met fiancee of Neeti. Gurpreet asks Fiancee? Mandeep says Neeti is engaged but no one knows about it from their families and I’m sure that she is engaged to a married man. Vikram asks her to give him time to explain. Gurpreet asks him about Neeti’s fiancee.

Pari prays to God. Chandrika asks her what happened. Pari tells she is feeling like she is going to lose someone near to her. Chandrika says she won’t let her lose Rajeev. Pari says it might be Neeti who’s in danger. She thinks she can never think to lose Neeti and Rajeev.

Rajeev apologies to Neeti. Neeti says she doesn’t like to share things with anyone. She tells she can cancel their marriage too. Rajeev apologizes to her and tells her he can do anything for her. Neeti apologizes to him and agrees to marry him with the condition that he will daily prepare her gajar ka Halwa. Gurpreet gets angry at Neeti and asks how can Neeti get engaged to another person when she ran with someone. Vikram says she ran with me to fulfill her dreams and she is engaged to a good person plus she helped our Pari in this city and today also she helped our Pari and tells them how he got injured.

Neeti attends Parineet’s call. Parineet asks if she is fine. Neeti tells her she is fine and informs her about her marriage with Sanju. Parineet feels happy for her. She informs it to Chandrika. Neeti tells Rajeev that she won’t invite anyone from her family. Rajeev tells her the same. Gurpreet returns home. She tells Sukinder that Vikram met with Neeti and she left this village to fulfill her dream and she becomes an air hostess. Sukinder says she can’t forgive Neeti. Gurpreet says Neeti git engaged to a good guy. Sukinder leaves from there. Gurpreet says she will definitely forgive Neeti. Vikram sends her Neeti’s number.

Sukinder calls Pari and asks how’s she. Pari says I’m fine. She asks her to talk with Neeti. She asks her to meet Neeti. Sukinder asks how can she come there. Pari asks her to come to Neeti’s marriage. Sukinder agrees and asks her to tell it to Neeti. Rajeev sees medicines. Neeti tells him her friend brought them. He makes her have medicines and applies ointment to her. She smiles. He recalls how Pari treats him. Neeti asks if he learns it from his mother. Rajeev thinks what’s happening to him and leaves from there taking his phone.

Rajeev returns home. He asks Pari why she called him many times and why she didn’t attend his call. Pari tells him she called him once and thanks to him for his care. Rajeev thinks what’s happening to him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajeev asks Neeti to choose another mangalsutra seeing she chooses a similar one like Pari.

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