Parineetii 30th May 2024 Written Update: Neeti fumes with a rage

Parineetii 30th May 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gurinder scolding Parineet for took pheras with Sanju. She demands Sanju to leave from that room. Sanju says that he won’t leave Parineet alone. She isn’t responsible for anything. He did everything. Gurinder says that he is going to marry Neeti but he took pheras with Parineet. Sanju argues with her. Gurinder complaints that Parineet needed it. She created a problem in between a mom and son. Parineet asks Sanju to leave from there. Gurinder says that she considered her as her daughter. She asked her to leave Sanju for the sake of baby. She demands Parineet to stay in the room till the wedding is over. Parineet says that she is ready to listen everything but not this. Neeti is her friend. She promised to attend her wedding. Bebe says that she is a cunning girl. Later, Neeti thinks that everything is favour to Parineet. She is also doing a Puja. This is her house but she snatched it from her. She will change her destiny. Sanju comes there. Neeti asks him what happened? Sanju says to Neeti that he will marry Neeti but he is loving Parineet. It’s a forced marriage. He informs Neeti that he took pheras with Parineet in the temple but Bebe and Gurinder ruined it. Neeti says that they were searching for a ring. It’s romantic. Sanju says that she isn’t taking anything seriously but mom is over thinking. He excuses her.

Neeti gets angry hearing it. She scolds Parineet for breaking her promise. She complaints that she forgot her promise. She promised to stay with her. But she went disappears. Neeti takes Parineet to the washroom. She excuses her to get the safety pin. She deliberately closed the door and lies to her that it was jammed. Neeti asks her not to shout. The guest will be tensed. She will call the carpenter. Gurinder asks her what’s going on here? Neeti complaints to her that Parineet is distracting Sanju. He was marrying Parineet in the temple but she was waiting for him like a mad. She vented out her anger at them. She locked Parineet inside the washroom because she won’t create any problems in her engagement. She calls the jewellery owner to deliver the ring asap or else she will cancel the order. Bebe says to Gurinder that she is angry. Meanwhile, Parminder feels tired. Tao ji asks her to take a rest. Bebe says to Gurinder that Neha is locked inside the truck. Parminder sitting on it. Gurinder gets anxious.

Susheela says to Parminder that she can’t find her daughter. Tao ji says that he will help her to search for her. She denied it. Parineet is knocking on the door. Babli returns to home and shocked to learn that Sanju going to marry Neeti. She asks Neeti why she is snatching Parineet’s rights from her again. Neeti says that she deserved Sanju more then Parineet. She is going to marry him. After that this house will be very happy. Babli says that badi mom advised Parineet to fight for her rights. Parineet isn’t able to see her true colors. Neeti says that she is blabbering. She is going to marry Sanju because she is pregnant with his baby. Babli leaves from there. Susheela opens the door. She informs Parineet that the door is locked from outside. Parminder asks Parineet to think about it. Who is capable to do it. Parineet asks her not to doubt Neeti. She says that we have to find Neha asap. Later, Neeti gets the ring. Gurinder asks Sanju to sit beside Neeti. She asks him to insert the ring on her hand. Parineet comes there and stops the engagement. Everyone is shocked there.

Episode end

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