Parineetii 31st May 2024 Written Update: Gurinder’s timely help to Neeti

Parineetii 31st May 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet asking Sanju to stop this engagement. Everyone is shocked to hear it. Parineet recalls the way Babli said to Parineet that Neha was missing. She may be the reason for her disappearance. Parminder says that Neeti said to her that door was jammed. But the door is locked from outside. Rakesh may be behind this all. Parineet says that she shouldn’t suspect Neeti. She thinks that guest may be abducted her. It may be child trafficking. We have to find that child asap. Parineet says to everyone that we can perform this function later. Neha is missing here. We have to search that child first. Nothing should happen to that child. Let’s lock the main gate first to stop the child from going out. Gurinder says that there is no need for that. Sanju gives the ring to her and says that it’s very important. He takes Parineet from there. Neeti thinks that she has to go with them or else she will get caught.

Parineet says to Sanju that Neha is a child. We have to find her asap. Sanju consoles her. Neeti says that she loves child a lot. She was also a mom. She couldn’t see a mother in a pain. Parineet recalls Babli’s words and ask Neeti why did she locked her inside the washroom? Sanju asks her why did she do like that? Parineet narrated the situation with him. Neeti says that she may be lying. The door was jammed. Sanju asks her why should she lie? He asks Monty to bring Susheela to the guest room. He informs the police that Neha is missing. He needs his help to find her. Neeti gets anxious. Meanwhile, Susheela complaints to Parminder that Neha is no where to shown. Monty takes her from there. Parminder and Tao ji are discussing about this incident. Gurinder fears to get caught. She says to Bebe let’s remove that trunk from here first. Bebe asks her how will we do it without anyone knowledge. Later, Susheela says to Parineet that she opened the door from outside. It wasn’t jam. Neeti asks Parineet what’s she trying to say? She didn’t locked her inside the washroom. Sanju asks her why she is reacting too much.

Sanju says that Parineet just asking her normally. Neeti says that she is suspecting her. Why should she lock her inside the washroom? What will she get from it? She won’t do anything without her. Babli says that Susheela proved that it was locked from outside. She asks Neeti to prove that it was jammed. Neeti nodded to her. Meanwhile, Bebe and Gurinder are trying to divert the conversation. Parminder is adamant to find the child. Bebe poured the water on Parminder to divert her. Gurinder and Bebe tried to remove the trunk from there. Neeti deliberately jammed the door. She asks Parineet to open the door. She couldn’t open the door. She asks Sanju and Babli to open it. She make Parineet believe that she didn’t locked her inside the room. Parineet apologized to her. She says that she was confused. Bebe and Gurinder is busy in removing the trunk. Gurinder slips and drops the trunk down. Neha falls down. Susheela and Parineet notices her. Neha runs from there. Everyone is searching for that child. Neeti thinks that she might stop her. Bebe says to Gurinder that Neeti will go to the jail if Neha recognised her. Gurinder says to Parineet that she stopped this engagement for Neha. But she is alright. Gurinder sends Neeti from there. Meanwhile, Sanju asks her where is the ring. Parineet searching for the ring. She gets emotional after finding the ring. Sanju consoles her. She shares her grief with him. Parineet pleads with him to help her to find the person who tried to kill her. That person is near by them. She can kill her again. Sanju says that he tried to keep her safe. He even tried to shoot her. Babli says that only Neeti can do this all.

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