Parineetii 3rd August 2022 Written Update: Parineet gets suspicious

Parineetii 3rd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Naman spending time with Natasha. She notices Neeti there and stop her. Naman teases her with Sanju name. Neeti gets a phone call from Parineet. Parineet informs to her that she saw Sanju outside he is behaving weird. She assures to Parineet that she saw him in room.  He even changed his dress he looks suspicious. Neeti asks her to keep an eye on him and leaves to check Sanju in his room. Parineet notices him create weird sound to her Rajeev’s attention. Rajeev helps him to pull Ajay up.

 Parineet notices this all hiding but she fails to notice Rajeev whom helping Ajay to go up. Meanwhile Neeti opens the door and asks Rajeev what’s he doing here? Rajeev says to her that she is doubting him unnecessary and walks away from there angrily. Neeti calls Parineet and assures her that Sanju is in room. She may mistaken him. Later Parineet shares to Neeti that she definitely saw him wearing different dress something is fishy. Neeti tells her may she is doubting all thinking about Rajeev. Neeti tells her that she wanna apologize to Sanju he is angry on her.

Seema asks Parineet Is something bothering her? She deny it. Meanwhile she notices Shreya there and doubts what’s she doing here? She follows her behind. Rajeev makes Ajay wear his blazer. He talks with Shreya on phone. Rajeev scolds him for called Shreya there for date. He complaints that because of him his date got cancelled.

Rajeev tells him Neeti is here if she see him with Shreya she will break his teeth. Rajeev asks Ajay to exchange their mask. Neeti comes there and takes Ajay from there mistaking him as Sanju. She apologize to Ajay. Sanju keeps staring them from aside. Neeti scolds Sanju for staring her and leaves. Sanju realises that she didn’t find out him because of mask.

Parineet thinks that something is wrong here. He talks sweetly with Neeti and brings his girlfriend here secretly. Parineet notices Shreya enters into room. She hears them talking romantically. Parineet thinks that he is married to Neeti but he loving Shreya? Parineet says that they are fooling her around.

 Parineet confronts Ajay and lashes out at them for betraying Neeti. Parineet asks Shreya doesn’t she have shame to behave like this? Shreya tells her that she misunderstood them. Ajay lies to her that he was talking with Neeti over phone and shows the phone call to her. Shreya tells her that she came here to use washroom. Parineet apologize to them and leaves. Shreya demands Ajay to stop this drama and ask Rajeev to free them from this mess.

Meanwhile Monty flirting with random girl. She gets a phone call from her client and thinks she shouldn’t reveal to him that she call girl. She ignores client call but he ask her to attend the call. Rajeev calls Monty and demands him to meet him in Sangeet function. Monty lies to him that he is not in city. Rajeev demands him to come asap. He pleads with him to take Parineet from here at any cost.

Rajeev assures to him that he will do anything for him if he help him this time. Monty asks him to just stop asking help to him escape from his both wives. Monty assures to help him. Monty takes that girl to attend that party. Rajeev gets stressed out waiting for Monty.

Episode end

Precap; Rajeev will enjoy the dance in party. He will notice the chandelier gonna fall down where Neeti dancing? Rajeev will shout Neeti’s name to alert her but she didn’t hear his voice properly. He will rush near her and save her on time preventing her from hurting. Rajeev will get panic seeing her faint. Parineet will notice them together.

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