Parineetii 3rd June 2022 Written Update: Parineet disappointed with Neeti’s word

Parineetii 3rd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajeev, He purchases two gold chain and asks the sales man to gift this to his relatives. Rajeev calls to his relatives and lies to them they won gold chain in lucky draw. He asks them to take it immediately or else they will gift that to someone else. They rushes from there. Rajeev pretends like searching for those ladies in front of Neeti. She informs to him they left it’s better he go back to office she already asked her friend to help her. Rajeev give kiss to her and leaves from there. Neeti blushes at that moment.

Parineet reaches to jewels shop Rajeev is talking on phone with his manager. Neeti notices Pari is struggling to cross the road and goes to help her. While crossing Parineeti’s dhuppatta falls on his face. Before he notice her cab driver calls him. Rajeev asks the driver to go faster he wanna reach to office asap. Meanwhile Neeti takes Parineet inside the jewels shop. She enquires Neeti about jewels prize in that shop? Neeti is teasing Parineet there and ask her doesn’t Rajeev romance with her or talk sweetly with her? Parineet tells her he is a shy type. She thank her for helping her to cross the road.

Parineet reminds about Sukinder’s phone call and doubts how will she share this matter to her? She asks her Is jewels polish here? She enquired her about that details? Neeti stops her and tells her she can understand where is she taking topic too! But she has no idea to invite her mom to her marriage. Sanju family is not gonna accept her that’s why he is doing this much for her. Sukinder will definitely ask about Sanju family so her marriage will face many complications. She leaves to select nuptial chain. Parineet thinks how will she inform to Neeti that she invited her Mom for marriage?

Rajeev meets Monty in park. He shares to him about his marriage with Neeti. Monty tells him that there is no enough time so let’s do shopping. Rajeev stops him and informs him that he used to get Parineet memories whenever he took marriage topic or being with Neeti. Monty advise him to stop talking with Parineet till his marriage so she won’t come to his mind. Later Sales woman informs to Neeti that nuptial chain kept inside when she left. She tells her that she went to pick her friend.

Pari worries about Rajeev and asks Sales woman Is jewels polish here? She nods to her. Neeti demands Parineet to say what’s bothering her? Parineet informs to her that she invited her Mom for marriage. Neeti lashes out at Parineet for inviting her mom for her marriage without her permission. She questions her who is she to take decisions in her life? Parineet gets hurt and tells her she is her friend. Neeti scolds her for not thinking about her and informs her mom about it.

Neeti asks her why is she taking decisions in her life? Parineet asks her doesn’t she try to solve the issues between them and she wanna see Sukinder giving blessings to her. Parineet adds that she is emotionally weak. She was never cared about her own life after learnt about Rakesh’s true face too because he gives importance to relationship. She adds that she done everything for Neeti and wanted to see her living happily with her mom blessing. Neeti complaints that she is not giving heed to her feelings. Parineet says that her mom called her. Neeti complaints that she wouldn’t have talked good about her. Parineet asks her to let her talk first she is doing this for her and how could she expect her mom to stay Silent after she done this much.

Parineet shares to her how much her mom suffered after she left and make her understand she was in this position today because of her mom’s hard work. She makes her understands how much her mom gave freedom to her and loves her. Parineet says that Sukinder gave birth to her doesn’t she has rights to take decision in her marriage life? Neeti reminds her childhood days. Parineet says that she forget everything after she went behind her dream but her mom’s dream was not fulfilled yet. Neeti gets emotional reminding those moments How did her mom dreamt about her marriage.

Episode end.

Precap : Neetii will remove pari’s nuptial chain and wear it. She will tell her she liked this design. One old lady will advise her to return it to Pari.

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