Parineetii 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Parineet meets with an accident

Parineetii 3rd June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti saying to Parineet that she is going to die today with her hands. She isn’t a good friend of her in this birth. She already lost her baby and family. Nothing is left for Parineet in that family. She will kill her. She used to feel happy whenever she saved her life. She will be happy to see her death now. She might die. If Parineet is alive then she will reveal the truth to everyone. She asks her to wait. Neeti gets inside the car. She hits Parineet with her car. Parineet faints there. Neeti checks Parineet’s pulse and says that she is alive till. She won’t leave her till she die. She is going to take a reverse gear. A car comes there.

Neeti leaves from there in a fear. A stranger saved her. Meanwhile, Neeti sends a message to Gurinder. She says to Chandrika that she is alright. Parminder asks her what have she read in that message. She got well. Gurinder says that she wanted to perform the engagement on a right time. Sanju asks her to take a rest but she denied it. A stranger recognised Parineet and assures her that he will drop her in her house. Meanwhile, Neeti returns to home. Gurinder notices the blood stains in her hand. She says that she had to do it. Gurinder wipes the blood stains.

Gurinder asks Sanju to start the rituals. He asks Babli to bring Parineet. Gurinder lies to him that Parineet went out. Sanju and Neeti exchanged their rings with each other. Parineet reached there and shocked to see it. Parineet faints there. Sanju rushed to there and hugged her. Neeti is shocked to see Parineet reached home alive. Sanju asks Monty to call the doctor. Neeti fears about getting catch.

Later, Parineet wakes up from her dream. She thinks that it’s not the same night. She thinks that she is in her room. She might reveal the truth to Sanju about Neeti. She noticed the flowers are dried there. She searched for Sanju in her house. The servant says that it’s good she gained her consciousness. She was in coma these many days. Parineet thinks that she doesn’t know how many days she were unconscious.

The servant says to her that she was in coma for three days. She asks the servant why is this house is empty here? Where is the family members. The servant informs her that Gurinder arranged a Puja in vaishanavi Devi temple. She took Neeti to there to complete the puja. The wedding arrangements are going on. Parineet asks her to give her phone to her. She called him and finds out that his phone is in home. She says that he went out to book the tickets. He is always worried about her. He fixed CCTV footage in her room. He wanted to catch the culprit. He is keeping an eye on her always.

Parineet waits for him and sleeps. Later, Parineet enters into Sanju’s room. She apologized to him for not listened to him. She was blind in love with Neeti. She was the one separated him from Sanju. She killed their baby. She shares her grief with him. Gurinder says to her that he is sleeping. Gurinder takes her out of the room. Parineet apologized to her for everything. She says that Neeti is changed. She didn’t lose her memory. She shares her grief with her. She adds that Neeti tried to kill Gurinder.

Episode end

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