Parineetii 4th January 2023 Written Update: Neeti spots Rajeev

Parineetii 4th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Babli calling Monty to inquire about Parineet. Monty says that he is searching for him. Babli demands him to find them asap or else she will go out to search for her. He asks her to cut the call. Neeti asks Monty why did he scolding her. She is worried about Parineet. He says that they are searching for them. She isn’t understanding our situation. Babli thinks that Rajeev is a mystery person. He isn’t loving Parineet but protecting her. It’s tough to understand him. Gurinder hears it and thinks what if Rakesh did something to Rajeev. She wishes to contact him. Neeti asks Monty to take her to Rakesh house. We will get some clue from his house. Meanwhile, Parineet reaches to the hospital. She notices the hospital is closed. She is in dilemma what to do next. Parineet notices a police jeep approaching her. She shares her situation with that inspector. He offers lift to her. He says that god will send someone to help them in every situation. Parineet thinks she is able to save him.

Inspector asks Parineet what’s the need to mess with Alahawat? Parineet thinks how come he know about Alahawat was behind it. Parineet feels something fishy and demands him to stop the jeep. Inspector says that her friend ruined his image in front of media and ACP warned him. He remembered how did Alahawat ordered him to help Leo to caught Parineet. He assures him that nothing will happen to his job. He will give promotion to him. Inspector smiles thinking about his deal. Parineet takes gun in her hand to threaten him. She pushes him out of jeep. Leo stops the jeep. Parineet takes over the jeep and drives from there. Leo follows her behind.

Parineet worries how will she save him? Parineet calls Monty and shares the location with him. She requests him to save Rajeev asap. Goons are chasing her behind. Rajeev realises that Parineet isn’t return to home yet. He asks the old man doesn’t he said hospital is near by. She isn’t return to home yet. He tells him that she needs time to walk there. But doctor has car with him. Old man says that he is remembering his wife seeing Parineet. He shares his past with Rajeev. Rajeev gets emotional hearing his past and thinks that Parineet isn’t his wife. She betrayed her with her friend.

Parineet worries about Rajeev. Leo is chasing her behind. Neeti crosses them. Parineet’s jeep meets with an accident. She says to Monty that she noticed a girl look like Parineet. Monty tells her that she is with Rajeev in jungle. Neeti says that she lost her mind in tension. Neeti says to Monty let’s search for them inside the jungle. Monty tells her she is pregnant so stop taking risk. Neeti and Monty notices the goon dead body. She tells him he is Rakesh’s men. She fears that they would did something to Parineet and Rajeev. Rajeev hears her voice. Old man stops him from going out. He asks him to don’t go out he will check who is it?

Leo notices Parineet is unconcious. His henchman asks him to finish her. Leo asks him to keep her inside the car. Meanwhile, Neeti meets Rajeev. She hugs him emotionally. Old man gets confused seeing them together. Rajeev narrates the situation to Neeti. Neeti worries about Parineet. Monty tells him that Parineet shared this location to him to find him. Rajeev says that she went to bring the doctor. But it seems she was stuck in some problem. Rajeev tells her lets find her asap or else Alahawat’s men will caught her. Rajeev tells her lets go to hospital. He thank the old man for helping him. Neeti helps Rajeev to walk. Old man shares the direction with them. He asks Neeti who she is? She introduces herself as Rajeev’s wife surprising the old man.

Episode end

Precap; Leo will introduce him as Alahawat’s men. He will threaten her showing a knife. He makes her unconcious. Rajeev will hear the strangers discussing about it Monty will share to his family that Leo kidnapped Parineet. Leo will buried Parineet alive in a box. Rajeev will find out the truth.

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