Parineetii 4th July 2022 Written Update: A shock awaits Parineet

Parineetii 4th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shreya informs to Parineet that she tried her best to shout for help but they made her unconscious. Neeti says that may that driver got confused Shreya as her and abducted her. Sukhwinder gives medicine to her to eat. Meanwhile Vicky says to Simi it’s not safe to go inside like this. They noticed goons leaving from there along with Mishika. He asks Simi to alert Rajveer.

Rajveer fights with goons and enquires them about kid. He locks them inside and leaves from there. Later Sukhwinder notices fortune teller there and tries to avoid her. But she stops her by asking doesn’t marriage stopped twice. Sukhwinder shares to her that she doubt Sanju’s family has some problem.

She clears to Sukhwinder that there is no problems in his family but something is missing here. She asks her to take evil eyes from Neeti. Later Ajay returns to his room and dials to Rajveer in tension. Balwinder attends the phone Rajveer gets shock to hear it.  Monty asks the driver to stop the car. Balwinder asks the driver whom mentioned him as Sanju? Driver asks him to think about his daughter.

Ajay says to Rajveer that he can’t able to betray his girlfriend. It’s hard for him to pretend like this in front of his lover. Rajveer pleads with him to don’t do like this. He asks him to wait little more he will be there asap. He adds that Shreya reaches there on time that’s why marriage got delayed. Ajay warns him that if he don’t reach here in 10 minutes then he will reveal the truth to all.

 Meanwhile Kidnappers tries to calm down Mishika but she bites on her hand. Mishika runs out of the car. They chases her behind. Simi and Vicky reaches there and follows them behind. Vicky asks Simi to inform Rajveer about the location of them. He asks her to wait there until Mishika comes there. Later Neeti asks priest to wait 10 minutes.

Shreya apologies to her for getting delayed. Neeti narrates to her how much happened in her marriage day. Shreya teases Neeti there. Neeti enquires her where is her boyfriend? Shreya calls to Ajay hearing ring tone Neeti comes out. Neeti misunderstands Sanju is there and apologizes to him. Shreya comes there searching for Neeti. She faints he holds her on time. Shreya catches him red handed and enquires him what’s going on? Why is he cheating Neeti?

Ajay narrates to Shreya what ever happened? He asks her to trust him. He only loves her in his life he won’t betray her in any time. Shreya hugs him to convince him. Parineet notices them together and gets shocked. Meanwhile Mishika collides with Sukhwinder. She asks her Is she need anything but she misunderstands her as kidnapper and runs from there. Kidnapper follows her behind there. Vicky reaches there and enquires about Mishika to guest.

Sukhwinder notices him and doubts why didn’t Gurpreet returned yet. Later Parineet confronts Ajay misunderstanding him as Sanju. She lashes out at him for betraying Neeti in this way. Parineet gets emotional and worries about Sukhwinder. Ajay tries his best to explain her but she didn’t give heed to them. Parineet leaves from there to alert Neeti. Kidnappers enquires Parineet about Mishika but she denies it.

Episode end

Precap; Parineet will ask Sukhwinder Is she fears something will go wrong in Neeti’s marriage? Sukhwinder will reveal to Parineet that Sanju actually don’t wanna marry her. Later Rajveer will confront the kidnappers. Parineet will notice Rajveer staring Neeti and Mishika there.

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