Parineetii 4th June 2024 Written Update: Gurinder stops Parineet from revealing the truth

Parineetii 4th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet informing to Gurinder that Neeti pushed her down from the terrace. Gurinder says that Neeti didn’t do anything like that. Parineet says that it’s the truth. She pushed her because Gurinder started loving her. She killed her baby too. She was blind in love with Neeti. She trusted her blindly. Everyone warned her about Neeti but she didn’t listened to them. Parineet adds that Neeti tried to kill her in the hospital. She was the ghunghat girl. When she confronted her she confessed everything. She even tried to kill her by hit with the car. Gurinder says that she is aware that Neeti pushed her down. She is alive today because of God grace. Gurinder says that she is with her. Let’s expose Neeti together. She asks Parineet not to reveal this truth to anyone. She can share it if she want but Sanju is sleeping due to medicine effect.

Sanju was stressed out after he saw her in an unconscious state. He was worried about her. He even fixed an CCTV camera in her room to protect her. Parineet says that Neeti won’t allow her to live. Gurinder says that Neeti is dangerous. She fears that she may do something to Sanju in anger. What if she harm their family members. She asks her to hide this truth from Sanju. He will definitely confront Neeti about it. Gurinder asks her to take blood samples of Neeti first. We have to confirm whether she is pregnant or not? She suspects her pregnancy now. She isn’t in this house now. Parineet says that she will collect her blood samples and give to her friend. Gurinder convinced her to hide the truth from everyone. Parineet trusted her. Later, Parineet collects Neeti’s blood samples and leaves. Neeti wakes up from the sleep. Bebe says to Neeti that she missed an good opportunity. Bebe says that she collected her blood samples. Neeti says that she will faint after see the report. She is pregnant.

Parineet asks her friend to find out whether Neeti is pregnant or not? She needs the results now. The nurse asks her to leave. She will send the report. Meanwhile, Sanju is surprised to see Parineet. He shares with her how much he missed her. He thanked the person whom saved Parineet’s life. He says that he is missing an good opportunity. Let’s celebrate this moment. The nurse brings the report there. Gurinder reads it. Parineet says that report is positive. Gurinder asks her not to harm her heir. Parineet says that she won’t do anything like Neeti. Parineet says that we have to reveal the truth to Sanju. He will get angry at her after he finds out the truth. Gurinder says that Neeti is dangerous. She may kill her son. She pleads with her to hide the truth from everyone. She shouldn’t reveal the truth till she say. She takes promise from Parineet. Parineet promised to her. Gurinder says that she is like her mom. She is always with her. Parineet hugs her. Parminder suspects that someone deliberately hit Parineet with the car. Neeti fears that Parineet may reveal the truth to everyone. Gurinder assures her that it won’t happen. She stopped her from revealing the truth. She asks Neeti to kill Parineet at the puja. She shouldn’t return to their life again. Sanju gives a surprise dinner date to Parineet.

Episode end

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