Parineetii 4th November 2022 Written Update: Rajeev in a tight spot

Parineetii 4th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gurpreet gets surprised to see Neeti there and wish happy Diwali to her. Neeti inquires Gurpreet about her mom? Gurpreet complaints that both Parineet and Neeti forgets their mom after they got married. Neeti says to her that she is missing her mom a lot. But the doctor advised her to don’t travel. Neeti shares with her that her In-laws loves her a lot. Gurpreet shares with her that Parineet solved all issues with Rajeev. Neeti thinks that Parineet lied to her for not hurting her. Neeti tells her that she will call Sanju to introduce her. Neeti calls Sanju to come out. Gurinder thinks that Parineet isn’t stopping her. If she find out both Sanju and Rajeev are same then she will snatch her properties from her. Gurinder says to Neeti that he is busy with Diwali preparation. She wants to wait until he come back. She asks Parineet to give tea to her. Gurpreet asks her to prepare her special hand made tea to her. Parineet asks Gurpreet to come inside. She wants to talk with her a lot. Gurpreet says that she didn’t called to her two days back but now she wants to talk with her. Meanwhile, Gurpreet praised the clean and tidy kitchen. She inquires Parineet Doesn’t she happy with Rajeev? Parineet lies to her that she is happy with him. Gurpreet asks her to open up with her. She will handle the issues. Parineet tells her that she got happy tears after meet her. Gurpreet asks her to give a grand child to her asap.

Gurpreet gets a phone call and leaves to attend the call. Parineet fears that she will notice Rajeev. Later, Neeti asks Sanju to meet her aunty. Sanju says to her that she didn’t mentioned about her aunty yet. She shares with him that Parineet’s mom came here to meet her. Let’s meet her. Sanju thinks that Parineet would have taken her to kitchen to stop him meeting her. Neeti demands him to come asap. Sanju pretends like romancing with her to divert her. Gurpreet hears Rajeev’s sound and wishes to greet him. Parineet stops her from entering into the room. Gurpreet tells her that she heard Rajeev voice she wants to greet him. Parineet tells her that he is here so she is able to meet him later. She takes her from there. Sanju excused Neeti to go out.

Rajeev calls Monty to seek help. He pleads with him to help him to manage Gurpreet. Monty assured him to manage the situation ans disconnects the call. Monty enters on the stage and starts the program. Simi asks him to share his future partner expectations. Did he need a girl like Parineet or Neeti? Gurpreet says that he needs a girl who resembling both Neeti and Parineet. Monty invites Neeti to dance on the stage. Gurpreet complaints to Parineet that she is the daughter-in -law of this house though he invited Neeti first. Parineet lies to her that Neeti’s family isn’t here. That is why they let her dance first. Gurpreet disappointed with her answer. Rajeev comes there to meet Gurpreet. She takes Shagun of Rajeev and Parineet. Neeti noticed it Rajeev excused her pretending like attending the office call.

Monty thank the dancers and invites Parminder and her husband to dance on the stage. Parminder denied it but her husband tries to convince her. Both gives an marvelous performance on stage. Monty thinks who should call next? If he calls Parineet then Gurpreet will ask Rajeev to dance with her. He wishes to call Simi next. Neeti asks Sanju what’s he doing outside? He lies to her that he is feeling suffocating inside. She asks him why did Gurpreet takes Shagun to both Sanju and Parineet.

Episode end

Precap: Rajeev and Parineet will dance together on the stage. Gurpreet will enjoy their dance on the stage. Neeti will get shock to see them together. Rajeev will ask Neeti what happened to her? Neeti will share with him that she feel like they are hiding something from her.

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