Parineetii 5th December 2023 Written Update: Sanju gives a reality check to Neeti

Parineetii 5th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti congratulating Parineet. She stops Sanju and says to him that he is going to marry Parineet. She is like her sister. So, Sanju become her brother-in-law. Parineet says to Parminder that she will make her understand. Parminder says that she is in anger so she can’t make her understand it. Neeti asks them if they are uncomfortable with her presence. She won’t ruin their happiness. Neeti says that she wasn’t prepared for this betrayal. How she will mention Sanju as her brother-in-law. He was her husband. They got divorce recently. Neeti asks Parineet to say how she will mention him? Neeti throws the plate down and starts dancing there. Sanju glares at her. Sanju leaves from there. Neeti glares at Parineet. Meanwhile, Sanju thinks what Neeti want? Everything happened according to her wish. She wanted divorce and he given it to her. Neeti says that she is in pain. She wasted her time for them. Sanju apologized to her in sarcasm and ask her to leave. Neeti says that he is talking like nothing was happened between them. The truth is bitter. Sanju says that they don’t have any relationship between them.


Neeti asks him who ended this relationship? Sanju says that she ended it all. She wanted divorce so he given it to her. Sanju says that she ended everything between them. Neeti says that it doesn’t affect him because he don’t love her at all. Sanju says that he loved her. He cared for her. He missed her but now he has no feelings for her. Their relationship was end. Neeti asks him if this divorce remove their love from them. Sanju says that she wanted to leave from this house. She left. She wanted divorce he given it to her. She wanted to satisfy her ego. She ruined everything but she is blaming him. Later, Parineet says to Parminder that she went to talk with Neeti. Sanju may disappoint her. Parminder asks her not to create new issues. Neeti won’t understand her. She never did anything wrong yet. Chandrika says that she never betrayed anyone yet. She isn’t Neeti’s sautan. Neeti broke her relationship with Sanju. Gurinder says that Parineet separated Sanju from Neeti. Why she want to marry her Son when lots of people are out.

Bebe says that Parineet want to snatch her sister’s family. Parminder scolds her. Parineet leaves from there. Parminder complaints to Bebe that she isn’t behaving like a elderly person. Sanju says to Neeti that he thought no one is able to separate Neeti and Sanju. But he was wrong. Neeti says that his character is wrong. Why did he bring Parineet between them. Sanju says that she never came between them. She sacrificed manythings to save their married life. Even after she did this much they can’t save their relationship because it’s their destiny. Parineet married to him first. She never thought how much it will pain her to see them together. She never imagines how will Parineet feels to see Neeti in her bedroom with her husband. She can’t understand her pain but blaming her. She ruined everything by her ego. Parineet comes there. Neeti says that Parineet is listening to their conversation. She isn’t married to him yet. It’s her insecurity. She knew her well. Sanju says that this is Neeti. She only know to show her anger on others. Parineet came here to stop them from arguing. She doesn’t want to hurt them. He says that Parineet never ever stopped supporting him. She was with him in his hard times. Sanju asks her to move on in her life. She was his past. Parineet is his present and future.

Sanju holds Parineet’s hand and take her from there. Neeti breaks down in tears. Bebe comes there. She asks her to stop crying and congratulates them. Neeti says that they betrayed her. Bebe asks her to celebrate the wedding. Neeti says that her life was ruined but she is making fun of her. Bebe says that she snatched her husband. Neeti is crying here. She can’t do anything. She doesn’t has any rights to do it. She said that now Mehandi. Tomorrow wedding and first night. Neeti shouts to stop.

Episode end

Precap; Sanju asks Neeti to wait and see how he is going to take 7 pehras with Parineet. Neeti vows destruction.

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