Parineetii 5th July 2022 Written Update: Fortune teller alerts Parineet and Neeti

Parineetii 5th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shreya shares to Ajay that she had Rajveer’s engagement photo so we can prove Parineet that he is not Sanju. He likes her idea. Meanwhile Rajveer thank Simi for sharing the correct location to him. Rajveer asks Monty to help him enter inside. Monty asks him to disguise and go inside.

Meanwhile Ajay and Shreya tries their best to convince Parineet but she is not giving heed to them. Shreya about to show her engagement picture to her but Ajay’s friend comes there and lies to her Shreya is his girlfriend. Sanju is like her sister. Parineet apologies to him and leaves. His friend ask him what’s going on here? He narrated the situation to him. Kidnappers searches for Mishika but she hides in groom room. Kidnappers leaves seeing Ajay there. Mishika thinks to hide still Rajveer comes search for her.

Later Ajay’s friend shares to Ajay how did he met Rajveer in disguise he narrated the situation to him. He asked him to help him. Ajay gets happy and wishes to celebrate it. Meanwhile Parineet shares to Neeti how did she saw Sanju hugging Shreya and misunderstood them. Neeti asks her how could he hug her she wanna break up with him. Parineeti pleads her to don’t do like this. Neeti tells her she was kidding her.

Neeti tells her she may be still doubtful on him its because she was over possessive on her. Fortune teller comes there and warns them to be alert always. Something big gonna happening to them. Parineeti pleads with her stop talking like this. Fortune teller advises them to choose the correct path still they have time to do it. Neeti worries about her words but Parineeti consoles her. Fortune teller alerts her that her mom searching for her.

Sukhwinder scolds Neeti for roaming around on her wedding day. She takes evil eyes from her. Someone comes there to take Neeti from there. Parineet asks Sukhwinder to share the truth with her. Why is she so nervous? Sukhwinder gets into tears. She consoles her and assures her everything will go well. Sukhwinder reveals to her that Sanju don’t wanna marry Neeti actually. Meanwhile Rajveer and Monty are planning to find out Mishika without Parineet’s knowledge.

They notices kidnapper and follows him. Sukhwinder reveals to her about Sanju’s letter. How did she tried to reveal the truth to Neeti but she loving Sanju a lot. She can’t able to share anything with her. One by one bad omen taking place in wedding she fears whether this marriage take place or not? Sukhwinder demands her to don’t share it with Neeti. She promised to her.

Parineet assures her that Sanju loves Neeti a lot so nothing to worry about her life. Kidnapper searches for kid and doubts someone may following him and hides seeing Rajveer and Monty there. Rajveer caught him red handed and enquires him. Kidnapper refuses to accept his mistake. He threatens him.

Episode end

Precap; Chandrika will blabber to herself whom kidnapped Mishika and where did she went? Her husband will hear it and question her Is someone kidnapped her? Later Rajveer will notice Mishika playing with Neeti. Parineet will notice Rajveer there and mention his name. He will get shock to see her there.

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