Parineetii 5th June 2024 Written Update: Gurinder’s master plan

Parineetii 5th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sanju giving a surprise to Parineet. She is impressed by his surprise. Sanju says that she has a best smile in the world. He loves to see her smiling. He hates to see her in sad. He doesn’t want to waste the time today. Someone will always there to disturb their special moments. Today no one is there to disturb them. Let’s start the dinner date. Parineet asks him if he really likes her? Sanju says that he likes many people. But he is only loving Parineet in his life. He expressed his love for her. He adds that he arranged everything with his hands. He feeds the food to her. They spend quality time with each other.

Later, Neeti asks Bebe how dare Parineet to eat a special candle light dinner with Sanju. Bebe says that it’s a matter of a day. She won’t disturb them hereafter. She convinced her. Meanwhile, Parminder worries about Parineet. She thinks that Sanju is getting emotional whenever she talk about Parineet. She calls him. He says to Parineet that Pariminder missing her a lot. He makes a video call to her . Parminder is surprised to see Parineet. Sanju tells her that he will take Parineet to the temple tomorrow.

Bebe scolds Neeti for being late. Neeti shows the gun to her. She asks her what’s she going to do with this gun? Sanju says to Parineet that she still has time. She shouldn’t do this foolish thing. He is repeating it to her. She isn’t understanding his words. He has a nightmare that Parineet going far from him. Neeti says to Bebe that Parineet might go far from Sanju. She played with her feelings. Bebe says that Neeti will get caught if someone see it. Neeti says that she fixed silencer in it.

Parineet will definitely die but there won’t be a sound. Parineet assures to Sanju that she will always be with him. She won’t leave him. She can’t live without him. He asks her to promise him. Parineet promised to him. Gurinder comes there and said to Sanju that they are getting late. Gurinder says to Parineet that all the problems in this house will be over today. Neeti thinks that she will end Parineet’s life today. Parineet prays god to help her to expose Neeti today. Parminder gets a weird feeling. She feels like something bad going to happen.

Parminder says to Chandrika that she feels something bad going to happen. Parminder calls Sanju and talks with Sanju. She is adamant to talk with Parineet. Parineet says to her that nothing will happen to her when Sanju is with her. Sanju makes a video call to Parminder. Parminder says to her that this wedding won’t take place. She won’t listen to anyone. No one can convince her. They wanted to fix this wedding because they will badmouth on Neeti.

Let’s shift to some other place for some days. No one will badmouth on her. She adds that Neeti didn’t take the IVF treatment consulting with them. She take the own risk. She doesn’t care about anything. This wedding won’t take place. She asks them to go back to home. Gurinder says that let’s go to the temple and perform Parineet and Sanju’s wedding. Parminder liked that idea but she feels something is fishy. Meanwhile, Sanju says to Parineet that he feels like something is going to happen. The car breakdown. Gurinder meets Neeti says to her that they don’t have enough time with them. She asks her to kill Parineet when she gets a time. Parineet and Sanju are spending a quality time

Episode end

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