Parineetii 6th August 2022 Written Update: Neeti slaps Rajeev

Parineetii 6th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet notices Rajeev there and doubts how did he come here? She asks Neeti Is she alright? She nods to her. Parineet thinks that Rajeev saved her life and Neeti’s life today. Monty comes there and doubts why did Rajeev taking care of Neeti in front of Parineet and she has no reaction in her face. Is he dreaming? Naman asks Natasha Why did she get emotional Is she got hurt?

Natasha asks Naman to love her the way Sanju loves Neeti. Parineet thinks may they misunderstood him as Sanju. She clears to Naman he is Rajeev not Sanju. They shares to her he is Sanju. Naman’s close friend and Neeti’s husband. Parineet asks him how will she get confused he is her husband he can ask this to him? They leaves from thete confused. Meanwhile Rajeev gets emotional thinking about Neeti. He shares to her how much he scared seeing her in that state. Neeti tells him nothing will happen to her.

Rajeev kiss her and she kiss him back. Parineet thinks that Rajeev cares for het close friend Neeti. She hears guests are talking about Neeti and Rajeev’s jodi. Parineet clears to them he is not Sanju but Rajeev her husband. All are repeating Neeti is Sanju’s wife. Parineet gets frustrated hearing evryone mentioning them as couple. Parineet notices them kissing each other and gets shocked.

Parineet pushes down the candle lamp in anger. She shouts it’s enough now. Neeti goes near her and enquires her what happened? Why did she crying? Rajeev realises that he forget Parineet is here in tension. Parineet asks Neeti what’s going on here? Neeti tells her nothing. Parineet asks Rajeev what’s this all? She thought he was helping her friend but something else going on here. Neeti tells Parineet all are watching her what happened to her? Parineet asks her where is Sanju?

Neeti says to her something happened to her see she is fit and fine in front of her. What’s the need to worry about her. Parineet tells her nothing will happen to her. Why did she kiss him he was saving her. Neeti says to them she is so possesive on her that’s why reacting like this. Neeti tells her they are matured now what’s wrong in it to kiss him. Monty advises Rajeev to leave from there or else his life will end here. Rajeev thinks he is right but hesitates.

Parineet says to Neeti that she married to Sanju and kissed him. She adss that all are misunderstood they are husband and wife. Neeti tells her what’s wrong in it they are husband and wife. Neeti says to her that she drank first time that’s why she is talking like this. She can kiss her husband Sanju right. Parineet reveals to her he is Rajeev not Sanju. Neeti tells her she is talking nonsense. Parineet says to her she kissed her husband Rajeev. She asks Rajeev why did he keeping quiet.

Neeti says to her he is not Rajeev. Both are getting up into heating argument. Neeti demands Monty to confess the truth who is him? Parineet asks Monty to confess the truth that we are staying in same house. He is your brother. Neeti tells her that Monty is keeping quiet so she also wanna keep quiet. Neeti says to her that she is crossing her limit. Parineet says that she crossed her limit and kissed her husband.

Neeti asks Natasha to say the truth who is him? Whom accompanied her here? Natasha tells her that Sanju introduces her as his wife. She came here with him. Parineet asks Rajeev to say the truth. Neeti demands him to confess the truth. Rajeev says that she is saying the truth Neeti is his wife. He married her in front of her mom and took vows. Neeti asks her Is het confusion cleared now?

Parineet turns silent there. Neeti asks her why did she turns silent? Parineet asks Rajeev why did he married her then? She tells him that she needs answer to today. He tells her that she is such head ache in his life. He don’t love her at all and she don’t have place in his life. She is not upto his match at all. She is a house wife and he is working in office. She asks him why did he married her then? He tells her he was forced to marry her without option. Parineet says to him that his mom gave this alliance to her. He talks her that she has love on her property.

He only loves Neeti in his life he loves her a lot not Parineet. Neeti slaps him in anger. She shares to him that she hates him a lot. She trusted him a lot in her life but he broke her trust. She don’t wanna keep any relationship with her. She leaves from there Rajeev follows her behind. Parineet thinks that she loved him true but he betrayed her. Neither she can’t go to her mom nor her husband house. She notices knife there and goes near it.

Episode end

Precap; Rajeev will follow Neeti and stop her. Meanwhile Parineet will think it’s the only option left in her hand. She will take knife and cut her veins. Monty will notice her faint. He will shout her name louder. Neeti and Rajeev’s attention will turn towards her.

The episode starts with Rajeev gets shocked seeing Parineet there and leaves Neeti. Neeti asks him what happened? He excuses her to meet Naman. Neeti doubts what happened to Sanju out of the blue he was romantic with her. Meanwhile Natasha’s father phones to Monty’s girl friend. He enquires her where is she? She informe to him that she is waiting for him in 303. Naman hears his conversation and doubts everyone is in second floor what’s he gonna do in third floor? Rajeev comes there to ask Naman help but he shares his problems with Rajeev.

He assures to manage Natasha and send Naman from there. Rajeev calls Monty for help. Monty thinks that Rajeev don’t like him being happy with his girlfriend. He is troubling him for his two wives. Monty tells him that he is on his date he will come back in 15 minutes. He asks Monty where is him? Monty tells him that he is in 303. What’s he doing in that room? He thinks that Monty will get caught if Naman goes there. Rajeev follows him behind to stop him. Parineet notices Sanju running somewhere she follows him behind to caught him red handed. Monty waits for his girl friend and gets shocked to see Seema there. She misunderstands him as thief.

Naman notices Natasha’s father going inside with a girl. Rajeev stops him from going inside. Here Monty says to Seema that he came to wrong room. His girl friend is in 303 room. Lets go to that room and checks her there. Rajeev says to Naman that one guy is inside the room not girl friend. Naman says to him how will he maintain relationship with guy? It’s his brother. Natasha will be broken if she come to know it. Meanwhile Seema brings Monty there. Rajeev asks him what’s he doing here then who is inside? Seema asks Naman Is he cheating her girl? He deny it. Seema opens the door and gets shock to see that girl with her husband. She doubts him. That girl inform to her she is life insurance agent. Monty thinks that he misunderstood her as call girl Seema gets angry on them and leaves. She demands money to them. Rajeev ask her how much?

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