Parineetii 6th January 2023 Written Update: Parineet’s desperate plea

Parineetii 6th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Monty informing to Biji that Leo kidnapped Parineet. Gurinder asks him about Rajeev? He tells her that Rajeev and Neeti went to search for her. Gurinder thinks that he is a fool that is why he is messing with Alahawat. Monty narrates to them what actually happened. Biji emotionally break down after heard goon stabbed Rajeev. Family members are consoling her. Gurinder thinks that she wants to talk with Rakesh about it. Or else they will do something to her son. Meanwhile, Parineet thinking about her fate. She thinks that she doesn’t have any way to escape from that box. She hears phone ringing sound. Parineet gets surprised to hear Seema talking with her from call centre. She clears with her that she was in work their call were recorded. That is why she couldn’t help her before. Parineet shares her family details to contact them. She tells her that she doesn’t know her current location. Seema assures to help her. Later, Biji wants to search for Parineet. Babli and Monty tries to explain her that Alahawat is a dangerous people. Biji says that how will they sit quiet thinking about their background.

Monty hears the calling bell. Seema informs him that she wants to share one important things about Parineet with them. Biji asks her to come inside. Later, Neeti cries thinking about Parineet. Rajeev consoles her. He asks her to think about their baby and calm down. Here, Parineet doubts whether Seema sent her message to Neeti or not? She thinks that she shouldn’t give up her hope. She wants to believe in god. Everything will be alright. Neeti will reach near her asap. Biji asks Seema to share what happened to her? Seema asks water to them. She demands them to turns on the AC for her. Next month is her wedding. She wants to perform her wedding in five star hotel. Babli tells her that she is here for money. Biji asks her to shut up. She asks her to say how much money she need. She demands 5 lakh to them. Family members argues with her.

Monty shares with Rajeev that Seema got some information about Parineet. Rajeev assures her to pay money to her. She demands them to give advance to her. Neeti send advance to her mobile. She reveals to them that she was closed in a box. Seema asks them to give remaining money to her for extra information. She gives the phone number to them and gets cheque from Rajeev in return. Later, Alahawat enjoying drinks with Leo. Rakesh talking with Parineet photo. Alahawat informs him that she is died. Leo killed her. Rakesh threatens him that he will reveal the truth to media. Leo holds him.

Neeti asks Rajeev to call to that number. We doesn’t know whether this number is right one or not? Rajeev calls Parineet in that number. Parineet attend the phone and pleads with him to save her. She isn’t able to breath. Rajeev advise her to breath slowly. He asks her to share her location with him. She narrated the situation with him. Parineet tells him that battery is low in this phone. He hears some song in background. Neeti suggests him to confront Alahawat about it. Or else let’s reveal the news to media. Parineet heard the song sound.

Neeti asks Rajeev to give the phone she wants to talk with Parineet. He tells her that phone batter is low in it. Stop wasting her energy. He asks her to wait until they reach Alahawat house. She tells him that she isn’t calling her to gossip with her.

Episode end

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