Parineetii 6th July 2022 Written Update: Parineet doubts Rajveer

Parineetii 6th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajveer threatens the kidnapper to say about Mishika’s where about? Kidnapper narrates to him how did he kidnapped Mishika and warns then if they kidnap any baby they won’t leave her. Rajveer asks him to call the police he pushes him and runs from there. Meanwhile Pari notices Mishika there but she hides seeing her there.

Pari brings her out talking nice with her. She says to her she will bring food for her but Mishika pleads with her to take her along with her. Pari assures to her and leaves with her. Rajveer asks Fateh to stop the kidnapper. He blocks him and enquires him Is he has any problem? Rajveer informs to him that he tried to kidnap his baby. Fateh assures him that he can able to find her asap. Fateh asks him why is he in dancer dress? He manages to lie with him he enquires Rajveer about his wife Parineet. He nods to him and leaves.

Parineet feeds food to Mishika. Kidnapper comes to that side Mishika hides seeing her. Parineet informs her about Mishika but surprise to see her missing. Kidnapper leaves to search for her. Parineet understands that Mishika hiding from her. She needs her help immediately. Chandrika calls to Simi to learn about Mishika but she demands her to manage the situation there and hide this from Mom. Chandrika thinks that how will she inform to family members that Mishika got kidnapped? Her husband questions her Is she got kidnapped why didn’t she share it to him first? She informs to him that Rajveer whom asked him to hide this from him. She wanna share it to mom or else she will get angry on her.

Amith tells her just hide it from her because no one likes her in this house. It’s better to don’t bring more problems here. Chandrika tells him she is a kid why are they showing this much hate on her. She don’t understand it all. Meanwhile Simi tries to contact Balwinder and Vicky but she can’t able to to connect with them. They were tied in a dark room. Vicky reminded how did Kidnappers made them unconscious and tied them. They tries their best to unite their hands each other. Vicky says that he won’t leave the kidnappers. Mishika asks helps to random lady.
She assures to help her there.

Kidnapper gets a call from their boss they might bring back the kid in 15 minutes or else they will kidnap them. Parineet starts search for the kid there and notices Rajveer there. Meanwhile Shreya helping Neeti to wipe off the stain on her face. Shreya reminds of Ajay and fears what if he get marry to Neeti. Shreya alerts her that she will reveal the truth to her asap.

Sony comes there to give gift to Neeti. She notices Mishika there and talks with her. She asks Neeti to call her father reasoning she forgets his number. Rajveer notices her there and doubts whom holding Mishika? Mishika about to narrate the incident to Neeti but Sony stops her. Rajveer thinks that she may be Neeti’s friend. Rajveer wishes to meet Mishika but stops realizing him in dancer dress. He notices Parineet and escapes from there. Sony takes Mishika from there. Parineet thinks she may misunderstood him.

Episode end

Precap; Parineet will overhear Shreya sharing to her friend that Neeti might know Ajay whom behind Sehara not Sanju

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