Parineetii 6th June 2024 Written Update: Neeti seeks Daljeet’s help

Parineetii 6th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gurinder saying to Neeti that Parminder doing lot of drama. She cancelled her wedding. She demanded Sanju to go back to home. Neeti is shocked to hear it. Gurinder says that she won’t allow this to happen. She stopped them. She lied to them that she will perform Sanju and Parineet’s wedding there or else they would have returned to home. Gurinder asks Neeti doesn’t she want to marry Sanju? She nodded to her. Gurinder demands her to kill Parineet asap. She can convince Sanju to marry her then. Bebe says that we are not enough to do this work. We needs someone’s help to do it. Neeti calls Daljeet and informs him that Sanju and Parineet are going to get married. She demands him to kill Parineet. Sanju will go to depression then Parminder will transfer the property on his name. Daljeet says that he will definitely do this. He doesn’t care about anyone. Tiger hears it all. Neeti assures Gurinder and leaves. Later, Parminder shares her fear with the priest. He assures her that the mata Rani will take care of everything. Bebe says to Neeti that Parineet is very cunning. She might finish her chapter. She assures her that Parineet won’t be alive. Later, Sanju says to Parineet that he likes each and every acts of her.

Sanju expressed his love for Parineet. He says that he is happy with her. He wanted to spend each and every second with her. Its a true love. They shares an eye lock. They spends a romantic time with her. Gurinder thinks that Sanju will cry after her death. She can’t see him crying. But Neeti and his mom is there to wipe his tears. Neeti says that she will kill Parineet before she send to the jail. Everything will end in her life today but it’s a new beginning in Neeti’s life. Sanju asks Parineet not to go far from him. Parineet says that she won’t leave him. Sanju asks her what if someone forced her to leave. Parineet says that she will be with him till she alive. He hugged her and give a kiss. Gurinder asks them why are they blushing like newly wedded couple. Sanju thanked Gurinder for changed her decision. Gurinder asks him when will he give a happy news. He blushed. She asked him about the car. He says that car started. She tells him that she is getting late for the puja.

Meanwhile, Raj and Rakesh are discussing about the election. They have to win with lots of margin. Raj says that he can only win when he change his attention from Parineet. Rakesh scolds him for not giving respect to Parineet. Tiger informs Rakesh that Neeti and Daljeet are planning to kill Parineet. Rakesh says that he shouldn’t believe this Daljeet. He says that he will do anything to save his Parineet. He loves her a lot. Later, the priest says to Parminder that everything will be alright once they worshipped vaishnavi Devi. Gurinder says to Parineet that she is an understanding girl. She didn’t reveal the truth to anyone. Parineet thanked her for guiding her. Parineet notices Daljeet there. Gurinder fears that they will notice him with Neeti. Sanju says to Gurinder that Parminder won’t invite him here. They keeps a close watch on him. Neeti gives the gun to Daljeet. Daljeet returns it to her. He says that he know to kill her without this gun. Sanju is determined to talk with Daljeet. Neeti fears that they will notice her. Sanju talks with Daljeet casually. Daljeet takes them from there. Bebe says to Neeti that she will take a shower in ganga after Parineet’s death. Rakesh takes Neeti’s car key. She demands him to give the car key. Rakesh takes Bebe’s blessing. Neeti refuses to give the key to her. Neeti points the gun at Rakesh. He snatched the gun from her. He says that he the headmaster of the school where she studied. Rakesh demands Neeti to change her decision to kill Parineet.

Episode end

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