Parineetii 7th January 2023 Written Update: Neeti’s stern warning to Alahawat

Parineetii 7th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti calling Parineet. She advises Parineet to don’t give up. She assured her that she will find her asap. Parineet notices the soil enters into the box. She finds that she was buried. Meanwhile, Neeti reaches to Alahawat house. Alahawat gets shocked to see them there. Neeti demands him to reveal Parineet’s location. Rajeev says that he knew well Leo was behind Parineet. He hide her somewhere. Rajeev says that he will go to police and media after it. Alahawat says to him that he doesn’t know who he is? They are messing up with a MLA. He was behind her missing. His henchman Leo sent Parineet out of this world. She is sleeping forever. They are not able to prove that he was behind it all. Rajeev and Neeti glares at him. Neeti tells him that Parineet is alive. She was locked inside a box. She demands him to share her location with her. Alahawat looks confused. Monty suggests Neeti to go to police station. Rajeev tells her that he won’t give a useful information to them. Neeti throws drinks on Leo face and leaves. Alahawat inquires Leo what they are saying? He tells him that he buried Parineet alive. He scolds him for not killed her.

Leo says to Alahawat that Parineet doesn’t know where she was buried. There is no chance to escape from there. Alhawat says that he planned to bring Rakesh back home to save his name. But Leo spoiled everything by his plan. Leo assures him that she won’t be alive when Police reach near her. Alhawat says that police will find out everything if they gets a clue about her. Alahawat demands Leo to kill Parineet before someone find her. He won’t leave him alive if she survived. Later, Neeti asks Rajeev will he find her asap? Monty suggests her to go to police station. Neeti says that it’s waste of time. They are supporting Alahawat.

Rajeev tells her lets send Parineet number to ACP. He will help us to trace her number. Parineet thinks when will Parineet reach near her. Meanwhile, Neeti and Rajeev narrates the situation to ACP. He isn’t able to believe them. Rajeev calls Parineet to prove it. Parineet talks with ACP and narrates her current situation with him. He asks her to don’t turns off her phone. They will trace her asap. She tells him that battery is low in her phone. ACP assures Rajeev to trace her asap and leaves from there.

Monty stops Rajeev from talking with her reasoning they are wasting her battery. He tells him that he wants to give hope to her. Neeti gets tensed when she failed to attend the call. Neeti shares her fear with him. Rajeev consoles her. Parineet attends the call. Parineet says to Neeti that she doesn’t know whether she will come out of that box alive or not? She has less time. Neeti asks her to don’t leave her hope. Parineet asks her to take care of Sanju and her baby. Rajeev snatches the phone from her and talks with her. Parineet asks him to take care of Neeti. He consoles her and motivates her. He asks her to turns on the light and check the box. She may be find some clues. She tells him nothing is there. He lies to her that they are on the way to find her. They traced her place and disconnects the call.

Parineet notices the store name written in that box with address. She shares the address with Rajeev. She tells him that only 1% battery in her phone. Rajeev goes to search for Parineet. They finds the shop there. Alahawat complaints to Leo that he trusted him a lot. He proved to him he is also a fool like Sehar. He asks him to give one more chance but he denied. He demands leo to leave from there. Later, Rajeev learns that Leo locked Parineet inside a coffin. Rajeev shares it with Neeti and Monty. Everyone gets shocked to hear it.

Episode end

Precap: ACP will inform to Rajeev that he traced Parineet’s location. Rajeev will ask ACP to reach there asap. He is going there first. Meanwhile, Rajeev will reach the spot and notice the graveyard. He will dig the place and find her hand. He will take Parineet out of the coffin.

The episode starts with Monty informing to Biji that Leo kidnapped Parineet. Gurinder asks him about Rajeev? He tells her that Rajeev and Neeti went to search for her. Gurinder thinks that he is a fool that is why he is messing with Alahawat. Monty narrates to them what actually happened. Biji emotionally break down after heard goon stabbed Rajeev. Family members are consoling her. Gurinder thinks that she wants to talk with Rakesh about it. Or else they will do something to her son. Meanwhile, Parineet thinking about her fate. She thinks that she doesn’t have any way to escape from that box. She hears phone ringing sound. Parineet gets surprised to hear Seema talking with her from call centre. She clears with her that she was in work their call were recorded. That is why she couldn’t help her before. Parineet shares her family details to contact them. She tells her that she doesn’t know her current location. Seema assures to help her. Later, Biji wants to search for Parineet. Babli and Monty tries to explain her that Alahawat is a dangerous people. Biji says that how will they sit quiet thinking about their background.

Monty hears the calling bell. Seema informs him that she wants to share one important things about Parineet with them. Biji asks her to come inside. Later, Neeti cries thinking about Parineet. Rajeev consoles her. He asks her to think about their baby and calm down. Here, Parineet doubts whether Seema sent her message to Neeti or not? She thinks that she shouldn’t give up her hope. She wants to believe in god. Everything will be alright. Neeti will reach near her asap. Biji asks Seema to share what happened to her? Seema asks water to them. She demands them to turns on the AC for her. Next month is her wedding. She wants to perform her wedding in five star hotel. Babli tells her that she is here for money. Biji asks her to shut up. She asks her to say how much money she need. She demands 5 lakh to them. Family members argues with her.

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