Parineetii 7th July 2022 Written Update: Parineet learns the truth

Parineetii 7th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajveer confirms with Ajay that he is not with Neeti. Rajveer calls Neeti and tells her he sent his friend’s baby to her she wanna take care of her. Neeti tells her that his school friend Sony takes Mishika with her. Rajveer doubts may she is also belongs to kidnapper gang. Rajveer pushes the flower vase in anger. Monty asks him why is he behaving like this? He shares to him that it’s all because of him. he didn’t pick up Mishika. He loves Neeti but he lies to her. He lies to Parineet and also his family members too. He is creating a fake life neither he is not making anyone happy not himself happy. He is feeling guilty for making everything worse.

Monty advises him to think about Mishika and Neeti. He loves them a lot that’s why he is taking this much effort. He thinks that Rajveer thinking a lot about Parineet. Meanwhile Fortune teller consoles Sukhwinder to don’t worry. Sukhwinder fears that this marriage will be halt. Meanwhile Shreya brings Neeti on mandap same time Rajveer and Monty reaches there. He feels guilty seeing them together. Later Harphul and Mohini comes there to enquire someone where will mechanic shop? Mohini notices Sony with Mishika and feels suspicious. Harphul tells her they are here to search for mechanic not to go behind kid.

Parineet notices Mishika there she wishes to go back to Parineet but Sony runs from there. Mohini stops her and save kid from her. Parineet thank Mohini and praises their jodi. Mishika notices Balwinder there and runs behind her. Parineet enquires them why are they here? They tells her they came here search for mechanic. Parineet shares the location to them and again praises their jodi. They thank Parineet and leaves from there. Meanwhile Mishika runs behind Balwinder but he blabbers that he don’t wanna see her again in life. Sony comes there and pretends like cares for her. Sony takes Mishika from there. Rajveer says to Monty that he doesn’t care about What will Parineet think about him he only cares about Mishika.

Parineet collied with him and enquires him why is he here in dancers dress? Later Simi notices Vicky and enquires him why didn’t he attend the call? Vicky informs her that they tied them up but nothing will happen to Mishika. Vicky alerts her that something inside him keep warning him Rajveer doing something wrong and hiding it from him. Monty lies to her that Rajveer specially arranged this dance program for Parineet’s happiness. Parineet thank him and praises him as best husband. Parineet brings Mishika’s topic there. She informs to him that kid went to her dad. Parineet leaves to take permission from priest to arrange his dance performance.

Shreya thinks how will she inform to all Ajay is behind the Sehara? Rituals begins there Shreya thinks that she can’t able to allow this marriage to take place because it’s matter of both of their life. His friend stops Shreya and takes her from there. He asked her to calm down they don’t have another option. Shreya says that he has so many options but whatever happening is wrong. Shreya complained to him its important to alert Neeti that Ajay was behind Sehara. She might marry Sanju not Ajay. Parineet hears it.

Episode end

Precap: Parineet will inform to Neeti that Sanju is not being the sehara but Ajay whom Shreya’s boyfriend. Neeti will tell her she can’t able see him direct but open his Sehara to check him. She will remove it but Parineet will look on.

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