Parineetii 7th June 2022 Written Update: Police arrests Rajeev

Parineetii 7th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti calls to Rajeev but he didn’t attend the call. She tries to Parineet next. Parineet attends the call and learns from her that her flight got late due to bad weather she can’t able to pick up mom. If she don’t pick her she will scold her. Parineet assures to help her reasoning she is also her mom. She adds that Rajeev gave permission to her cultural consultants.

Later Rajeev attends the call and learns from her Sukhwinder arriving he assured to pick her up. She informs him that her friend agreed to pick her up. She thinks its better both of them face off today. Rajeev rushes out to pick up Sukhwinder. Rajeev’s mom comes there and appreciates the pooja decorations. Chandrika gives all credits to her. She asks her to learn from her. Rajeev’s appreciates her food taste too and ask her what did she need from her? Parineet asks her to give permission to pick up her friend mom from station. She adds that its first time she is visiting Chandigarh. She gives permission to her and asks her to bring her to pooja.

Simi says that she turned to soft after Parineet came here she might be strict to all or else they won’t listen to her. She asks her Is she Hitler to behave like that. She is well aware when to be strict or not? Meanwhile Sukhwinder reaches to Railway Station and waits for Neeti. Neeti send photo of Sukhwinder to Sanju and his photo to Sukhwinder. Neeti informs to her mom that Sanju will come to pick her up. She denies it reasoning it won’t look good. Neeti convinces her.

Sukhwinder notices Sanju there and informs to Neeti. Parineet to reaches there. Rajeev takes her blessings. Sukhwinder says that she is her daughter’s best friend. Before he staring her theif snatched her bag and runs away. Rajeev chases him behind. Parineet tries to runs behind him but she stops her. Sukhwinder complaints that she shouldn’t behave like Neeti and be like her sweet Parineet. She gets emotional seeing her after long days and shares her grief with her. Parineet mentions her as choti maa which makes her happy and asks her to call her like this. She complaints to Parineet that here its so hot.

Parineet shares to her about Chandigarh and gets into taxi. Rajeev beats the thief in public but police comes there and arrest him without hearing his explanation. Later Neeti calls to her mom and learns from her that Sanju ran behind thief. She asks her to talk with Sanju once. Neeti thank Parineet for being with mom. Parineet adds that she will take mon to her house to attend the pooja. Neeti tells her he will pick her up from her house. She adds that Sanju has no interest in pooja if mom learns about it she will reject him. Parineet agrees to do it.

Parineet takes Sukhwinder to home she praises the house. Parineet introduces Chandrika to her. She shows restroom to her. Priest comes there and informs to Chandrika that he needs all the pooja things near by. He won’t stop the pooja if he start it. Chandrika nods to him. Her mother in law comes there and greets him. She asks Chandrika to call Rajeev but she hesitates to answer her. She adds that Rajeev might do this pooja along with Parineet. Priest says that if they do it together they will be blessed with a good life. Parineet takes Sukhwinder to her room to use restroom.

Chandrika comes there and tells her Rajeev went out but mother in law calling him. She is nervous how to handle the problem. Parineet consoles her and calls to Rajeev. He attend Neeti’s call and informs to her police arrest him that’s why he got late. She informs to him that her friend took her to home he can pick her up in evening. He attends Parineet call and asks him to return home asap. His mom waiting for him to attend the pooja.

Episode end.

Precap: Sukhwinder will inform to Rajeev’s mom she is here to perform her daughter’s marriage. She will invite them to attend the marriage. Later Rajeev will join the pooja.

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