Parineetii 7th June 2024 Written Update: Rakesh meets Parineet

Parineetii 7th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti pretending like ordering Daljeet to cancel their plan. She acts like scolding him on the phone. Neeti says to Rakesh that she cancelled her plan. Rakesh gives the key to her. He warns her that he will keep a close watch on her always. If he notice a single scratch on Parineet then he will burn both Neeti and Bebe alive. Parminder expressed her happiness with her husband. She adds that Parineet and Gurinder changed their mind. Though she feels something bad going to happen. She can’t control her mind. Meanwhile, Neeti asks Rakesh what will he do when Sanju gets married to Parineet. He says that he is the villain in his life. His death will be in his hand. He sends Neeti from there. Later, Parminder is happy to meet Parineet. Parineet assures her that she is alright. Daljeet comes there. Parminder disappointed to see him there. Tao ji warns him that he shouldn’t create any problems. Gurinder takes Parineet alone to talk with her.

Gurinder requests her to hide the truth from everyone. We have to take Neeti to the mandap and expose her. She isn’t believing her. She fears that she will harm the baby in her womb. Sanju’s baby is in her womb. That baby is their heir. She might give birth to that baby. She shouldn’t kill it. We can confront her at the temple. She will regret her mistakes. Sanju comes there and complaints that they are discussing something secretly. Parminder says that we are getting late for the arathi. Bebe says that Neeti is parking the car in the temple. Gurinder tells her that we don’t have enough time. She has to kill Parineet. She asks Daljeet if he ready. He nodded to him. He noticed Rakesh and his goons there. Rakesh reached to the same hotel. He thinks that he shouldn’t trust this snake. She can do anything. He calls Neeti. He says that he found out her plan. She acted like talking with Daljeet on phone. She can’t fool him. Neeti says that she don’t have time to listen to him. Rakesh asks her to look down. She is shocked to see him there.

Rakesh says to her it’s easy to find out her whereabouts. He can keep a close watch on her. She can’t escape from him. Neeti asks him what he want from her? Rakesh says that he needs Parineet. Nothing should happen to her. He will kill her. Neeti says that Parineet doesn’t has interest on him. she is loving Sanju. She can’t do anything in it. Rakesh says that he will expose Neeti in front of them. Then she will go to the jail. He can give a guarantee for it. He don’t trust Neeti at all. She asks him not to do like that. He demands her to swear on her mom that she will cancel her plan or else her death will be in his hand. Neeti regrets for her fake promise. Later, Sanju asks Gurinder if she informed Neeti that she cancelled the wedding. She denied it. The priest asks Neeti to worship in the Parvati Devi temple. Parineet goes behind her. Gurinder smartly takes the family members from there. Rakesh thinks that Parineet is his. He will stop this wedding. Meanwhile, Parineet searching for Neeti. Neeti hides and seeing her. She thinks that Parineet may reveal the truth to everyone if she see her. Parineet smells her plan. Rakesh wishes to meet Parineet. Parineet thinks that Neeti may be thinking that she lost her memory. She will expose her in front of everyone. She don’t have any relationship with her now. She prays god to help her. She wanted to save her family from Neeti. Neeti calls Daljeet and informs him that Parineet is in the temple. She demands him to kill her. Daljeet assures her that he will definitely kill her. Later, Parineet searched for her family. Daljeet follows her behind. Rakesh noticed this and thinks that Neeti betrayed him. He will teach a lesson to him for betraying him. Parineet thinks that she chose the wrong path. She is surprised to see Rakesh there. He says that he never tried to harm her yet. He loves her a lot. He likes to marry her. He will kill Sanju. Parineet scolds him. Rakesh asks her to listen to him or else everything will be a mess in her life.

Episode ends

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