Parineetii 8th June 2024 Written Update: Sanju cancelled the wedding

Parineetii 8th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rakesh flirting with Parineet. Parineet slaps him. She asks him to stay away from her. Parineet says that he is forcing her to like him. He can’t win a girl heart by forcing her. She hates Rakesh. He shouldn’t compare himself with Sanju. Rakesh says that he is giving a final chance to her. She can choose whether to go with him or die. Daljeet pushed him away and takes Parineet from there. Rakesh shouts that he came to kill her.

Meanwhile, the priest tied a rudraksh on Sanju’s hand. He tells him that it will protect him. Tao ji says that he is going to marry. The priest asks him to offer a bangles and shringar to Mata Rani then make his partner wear it. Their relationship will last for 7 births. Sanju is happy to hear it. He wish to give a surprise to Parineet. Meanwhile, Parineet asks Daljeet to check the network in his phone.

She wants to call Sanju. He lies to her that signals isn’t in his phone. Parineet asks him to inform her if gets the signal. Neeti meets Sanju. He informs her that their wedding is cancelled. Even Neeti wanted this. They decided to marry for the sake of baby. He loves Parineet a lot. He feels relieved now. We came here to worship Mata Rani. Neeti lies to him that she doesn’t want to marry him either. She thanked him for cancelled the wedding. Sanju excuses her. Neeti thinks that Parineet should die today. Daljeet calls Neeti and informs her that he is with Parineet. He will push her down. Neeti says that she wanted to see it.

Rakesh reached there. He beats Daljeet for trying to kill Parineet. Daljeet says that she might die. Parineet slapped him. Why he is not understanding it. Parineet hates him a lot. She shouldn’t be alive. Parineet and Sanju’s baby will mention him as uncle. Rakesh says that he wanted to kill him. He wanted to be a father of Parineet’s baby not uncle. Daljeet complaints that he missed an good opportunity. Neeti asked him to kill Parineet’s baby in the hospital. That baby was surrogacy one. He ruined everything.

Rakesh says that his heart saying Parineet will accept him one day. But he won’t allow Daljeet to kill Parineet for Neeti. Parineet hears it all. She runs from there. Daljeet says that Neeti is coming so bring her to the temple. Parineet reached to the temple. Daljeet and Rakesh follows her behind. Daljeet says to her that she should die. Rakesh says that he can’t save her either. He can’t see her with Sanju. Rakesh reveals to her that her mom is in coma because of Neeti. Shambu stabbed her. Daljeet says that it’s for her death. Parineet falls on Mata Rani’s feet. Rakesh and Daljeet are about to touch her. She beats them with the stool.

Parineet notices the Trishul in Mata Rani’s hand. She takes it. Rakesh asks her to drop it down. Parineet attacks them with the Trishul. Parineet runs from there. Rakesh and Daljeet are searching for her. Rakesh asks the goons to search for Parineet. Tiger says that they were waiting for Neeti. Neeti comes there and scolds them for missing Parineet. She says that she isn’t believing them. They are useless. They are good for nothing. Neeti lashes out at them. She says that we can search for Parineet splitting.

We might stop her from reach near Sanju. Rakesh assures her that he will end her. Neeti demands Daljeet to kill Parineet if she is with Sanju also. She can manage the situation. Meanwhile, Daljeet notices Parineet. He thinks that she will be scared if he goes in front of her. He waits for her. Parineet gets suspicious and takes a stone in her hand. Daljeet asks her if she going to attack him with this stone. Parineet asks him why he is trying to kill her for Neeti. If she offered money to her. He says that he isn’t a goon to listen to Neeti for the money. He is doing everything for himself. Parineet says that he is Parminder’s son. How could he behave like this. He complaints that Sanju is Parminder’s favourite.

Parineet is his love. Once she gives a heir to them then his mom will transfer the property on their name. Sanju meets Parminder. He says to her that he informed Neeti that he cancelled the wedding. He doesn’t want to marry Neeti. She took this decision by herself. Parineet reached to the temple. Sanju takes Parminder to the temple. Rakesh comes there. He noticed Sanju there. He thinks that he wanted to kill him. He pointed the gun at Sanju. Parineet is shocked to see it.

Episode end

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