Parineetii 8th November 2022 Written Update: Parminder shares a bad news with Gurinder

Parineetii 8th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gurinder taking Rajeev and Neeti to Pooja hall. She shares with them that it’s their first Diwali. Neeti says to Parineet that vermilion is missing there. Parineet brings Vermillion there. Gurinder smirks at Tai ji and says that it’s her destiny to share her Vermillion and everything with her friends.

Parineet places the Vermillion down but accidently it applies to her hairline. Neeti says to her that something good is going to happen to her. Tai ji smirks back at her. Simi asks them to finish the arthi asap. She is feeling sleepy. Neeti asks her who will narrate Lakshmi’s story.

Tai ji says that Parineet will narrate it. Neeti gets excited to hear it. Rajeev and Neeti are taking arthi. Neeti feels cramps in her leg and falls down. Parineet holds the arthi and takes arthi with Rajeev.

Tai ji thinks that they are trying to unite Rajeev and Neeti, but god knows who is the real husband and wife. She always prays to bring them closer. Neeti thinks what happened today? Both Sanju and Parineet are together.

Meanwhile, Gurpreet returns home. Harman searches for Mandeep there. She creates issues there by not staying at home. Gurpreet tells her that she took Harman to meet Parineet. Mandeep says that she forgot Harman has a family too. She ruined her Diwali for her daughter.

She asks her to stop treating him as a servant. Harman raised his hands to slap Mandeep when she badmouth Gurpreet. Mandeep leaves from there angrily. Gurpreet feels disappointed hearing it. She asks him to console her.

Later, Parineet thinks that she was trying to leave this house and Rajeev, but destiny brings them close. She wishes to leave there asap.

Tai ji and her husband are discussing the situation. She gets a phone call from her mother-in-law. Tai ji gets anxious about attending her call. She complained to her that no one wished Diwali to her. She is calling her to wish her. Parminder tells her that they got busy in the rituals.

Grandma informs Parminder that she has got a good daughter-in-law like Parineet. She is a gem. She will reach there in a few hours to give a gift to Parineet for her Diwali. Parminder wishes to alert Gurinder about it.

She said to Gurinder that she wanted to talk with her about something important. Gurinder makes fun of her. Parminder asks her to stop playing around with her, Grandmother on the way.

Gurinder says to her that it’s good news for her. She will get her shares without any problems. Parminder asks her to think practically. She is coming here to gift Parineet not to meet Neeti. Gurinder says that Neeti is Rajeev’s wife, not Parineet. She was his past. Now Neeti deserves this gift.

Parminder says to her that she will reveal to grandma about her cunning move. Then she will decide what to do next? Let’s see whether she accepts Neeti or Parineet? Meanwhile, Tai ji informs Parineet about Grandma’s visit.

Parineet thinks that she doesn’t know what to do next? According to her, she is Rajeev’s wife. Tai ji says to her that nothing is in our hands. Rajeev hears it and shares his thoughts with them.

Parineet says to god that she wants to leave this house after this Diwali. She prays god to help Neeti. Meanwhile, Chandrika informs Parminder that sufficient food is there. Only mango leaves want to tie them in front of the house.

Parineet used to arrange everything but she was tired now. She doesn’t want to disturb her. Parineet says to her that she was considering her as her daughter. So she is able to make these arrangements. Neeti tells her that she heard that grandma was coming and she wanted to make the arrangements. Parineet asks her to take a rest.

Later, Parineet asks Rajeev to give her the ladder. He asks her if she is mocking him. She teases him by saying he is slim. She doubts whether he is able to carry it. She demands him to hold the step ladder carefully. Rajeev thinks that she is a good person. He wished to see her married to a good person and lead a happy life.

Episode end

Precap; Rajeev’s cousin will notice Rajeev kidding Neeti. She will ask Neeti, doesn’t Parineet treat her as her best friend? Did she come here to snatch her husband from her? Meanwhile, Neeti will notice Rajeev and Parineet are hugging each other.

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