Parineetii 9th August 2022 Written Update: Neeti is heartbroken

Parineetii 9th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti shares to Parineet that she will check Sanju today for her words but she might promise her she won’t doubt him again if it’s not truth. Parineet nods with her. Later Naman and Natasha are romancing with each other. Rajeev comes there searching for Neeti. Natasha tells him that both couples are searching for each other. She tells him that Neeti went with Parineet. He doubts may she is confusing Neeti. After he leaves from there Natasha kiss Naman surprisingly. Here Ajay calls his friend to prove his innocence to Shreya.

She complaints that he is his friend so he will support him only. Ajay pleads with him to confess all the truth to Shreya. He assures Shreya that he is saying the truth. No other girls in his life. Ajay thank him for confess the truth. Shreya apologize to him for mistaking him. Ajay pretends like not accept her apology. Meanwhile Parineet takes Neeti near the door. Neeti asks her where is she taking her to? Parineet tells her all truth is behind this door. She will get answer to all her questions just open the door.

Ajay stops Shreya from leaving and tells her that he can’t able to live without her. He hugs her. Neeti opens the door and finds out one old man discussing about his living relationship with young girl. Neeti gets irritate by their conversation. Neeti says to Parineet that she heard their conversation but Sanju is not in that room. Parineet finds out that she came to wrong room. She asks Neeti to come with her lets go to correct room. Parineet tells her lets take lift. She notices Ajay and Shreya inside the lift. Parineet calls Neeti to check him but they close the lift. Shreya demands Ajay to stop helping them or else she will break up with him.

Neeti says to Parineet that she don’t wanna check it. Parineet takes her from there. Rajeev notices Shreya and Ajay there and enquires them Is they spot Parineet and Neeti anywhere? Ajay says to him that they didn’t notice them but he can’t able to help him anymore. He returns his blazer to him. Rajeev apologize to Shreya but they are not listening to him. Ajay tells him that because of him their relationship are getting into trouble. Rajeev follows them behind to stop them and pleads with them to help him at least once. They leaves from there. Parineet notices Sanju there and alerts Neeti. Neeti notices him following behind a girl. Neeti tells her that she won’t leave him today. Parineet tells her that it’s not a right time to caught him.

Natasha stops Parineet and Neeti there. She enquires them where are they going. Rajeev apologize to Shreya and pleads with them to help him. He notices Parineet and Neeti there and hides inside the car. Neeti notices Sanju apologize to a girl while holding his ears. She gets broken seeing it. Parineet asks her what happened? She narrates the situation to her. Parineet asks her to call him if he tells her he have some office work then she can guess he is lying. Neeti calls him but he lies to her that he has office work.

Neeti gets into a car. She hugs her and breaks down in tears. Parineet asks her about her life and comes to know Sanju is not staying with her in home. Parineet asks her Didn’t she doubted him? She says to her that his family members are strict that’s why. Parineet tells her he is betraying her. She breaks into tears. Later she reaches to home and notices the decorations. Sanju tells her that he loves her. Neeti asks him to get out from this house. Sanju thinks what happened to her sudden? She tells him she saw him apologize to a girl. Who is that girl how many days he is playing this game with her? Sanju tells her doesn’t she trust him? Neeti asks him Is she know about her? Sanju tells her he married her in real. She asks him doesn’t he has shame to say it? Sanju asks her why should he feel ashamed to say the truth.

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