Parineetii 9th June 2024 Written Update: Neeti confessed the truth to Parineet

Parineetii 9th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rakesh trying to shoot Sanju. Parineet notices it. She comes between them to divert Rakesh. He follows her behind. Sanju thinks that Parineet isn’t nowhere to seen. He feels like she is in some problem. He searched for her. Parineet says to Rakesh that he shouldn’t think about shoot Sanju. Rakesh says that she can’t escape from the death today. She collides with Daljeet. She pushed him and runs from there. Daljeet scolds him. Rakesh runs behind her. Sanju searched for Parineet. Parineet hides in the temple to escape from Daljeet. Rakesh says that he is aware that she is hiding here. There is no other way to escape from here. Daljeet says that death is written in her destiny. Daljeet asks Rakesh to call Neeti. He says that his phone isn’t working. Daljeet and Rakesh are arguing with each other. Rakesh scolds him for shouting on him. Neeti comes there and ask them about Parineet. Daljeet says that she escaped. She is very cunning. Neeti says that she isn’t cunning but they are fools. She doesn’t even go out without a company. How will she escape from them. She complaints that Rakesh isn’t good for nothing. If someone else is in his place he would have killed Parineet. Parineet hears it all. Neeti looks down on Daljeet and says that Parminder kicked him out of the house. She took the right decision.

Daljeet says that he isn’t her servant. She shouldn’t order him. Daljeet says that he helped her to send Parineet to the jail. If he didn’t showed the video proof to the police then she wouldn’t have escaped. She is playing this memory lose drama because of him. She entered into that house because of him. Rakesh says that even he helped her to abort her baby. Rakesh says that Parineet isn’t innocent like before. She is smart and become tiger. Mata Rani’s blessing is with her. Neeti asks him to stop praising her and search for her. Meanwhile, Bebe and Gurinder are talking about the temple visit. Daljeet informs her that Parineet learnt the truth. She escaped from them. If she reveals the truth to Sanju then everything will be over. Bebe asks Gurinder to stop her at any cost. Meanwhile, Parineet slaps Neeti. She says that she end her friendship with her. She considered her as her friend and give importance to her more then everyone. She is trying to kill her often.

Neeti says that it’s not a first time. She tried to kill her manytimes. Its not anger but she hates her. Parineet says that she took her back to home. She sacrificed her love for Neeti. She convinced Sanju and Parminder to give a place to her. She doesn’t know that she gave place to a snake. Neeti says that she is the snake. She snatched her love from her and saying that she sacrificed everything for her. Sanju loved her. She was his first love. He came to her even after Parineet was with him. Her father gave the land to him though he tried to return to him for Neeti. He did everything for her. Doesn’t she know that he loves her not Parineet. He needs her not Parineet. Parineet says that Neeti may be his first love but she was his last love. She can’t take her place in his heart and life. Its the truth. Neeti says that he has to accept her because she fooled everyone there. He will believe everyone. He has to marry her. Parineet says that he doesn’t want to marry her at all. She convinced him to marry her. Its her mistake for not understanding her. Parineet says that she will marry Sanju in front of her. Neeti says that she is a fool. She is believing that he is loving her. Its not truth. He wanted to marry her that is why he send here to kill her. Neeti is adamant that he loves her. Parineet says that her married life lasted for only 7 months with him. But he wanted to be with her for 7 births. She knew well that how much Sanju loves her. She will reveal the truth to everyone.
She confessed all the truth to Neeti. Neeti attacks Parineet. She says that even that god is not able to save her. She won’t ask her help. Parineet is bleeding. Neeti says that Sanju is hers and he loves her. Parineet says that Sanju is hers. Neeti says that he will marry her. Parineet beats her from behind. She decided to reveal the truth to Sanju.

Episode end

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