Parineetii 9th November 2022 Written Update: Rajeev fears the worst

Parineetii 9th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Harman ignoring Mandeep and leaves to sleep outside. She gets angry at him for it. Harman says to her that he won’t let him sleep there. Mandeep says that he was always worrying about Gurpreet and Parineet. Harman complaints that he doesn’t like the way she talked with Gurpreet outside. He adds that if Gurpreet needs anything she will ask Vicky or him. He just takes her to meet Parineet. What’s wrong with it? Mandeep complained that he wasn’t thinking about his wife and son. Harman says to her that they aren’t newly wed to celebrate Diwali together. Both end up arguing with each other. Harman walks away in anger. Grandma asks Parineet who is at home? Parineet loses her balance and falls on Rajeev’s arm. Both share an eye lock. Grandma appreciates their pose. Neeti gets excited about meeting her. Gurinder takes Neeti from there. She asked her to stay in her room. Grandma doesn’t know about her. She will get angry about little things. Neeti assures her to impress Grandma. Gurinder demands her to stay in the room for her sake.

Everyone takes their blessings from Grandma. She appreciates Parineet for her beautiful decorations. Rajeev is about to take her luggage but he scolds him. She complained that he didn’t come to pick her up from the railway station. She demands him to stay away from her. Grandma goes inside. She demands everyone to give water to her. Chandrika gives Halwa to her. Grandma complaints that she doesn’t smell the same flavour as Parineet’s handmade Halwa. She complained that she demanded you to give her water there but she brought Halwa here. Parineet brings water for her. She asks Chandrika to learn something from Parineet. She shares with them that no one came to pick her up from the railway station. She noticed that Parineet was looking dull. She asks Rajeev why she is looking dull? She wouldn’t leave him if he dared to hurt her. Rajeev assures her that he won’t hurt her. Parineet said to her that she wanted to share something with Grandma.

Neeti asks Gurinder why she took her to her room? She wants to meet Grandma too. Gurinder tells her that grandma isn’t a person to take everything easily. She will get angry about little things. Neeti says that Grandma liked Parineet, it seems. Gurinder lies to her that Grandma was there when she came to convince the family members. She liked Parineet since that incident. Neeti thinks that Parineet is very good at impressing everyone. She knew much more about this family better than her. Later, Parineet is about to confess the truth to Grandma. Rajeev leaves from there. Gurinder stops Parineet from revealing the truth. Gurinder managed to lie with the grandma. Grandma asks her to give an heir to her asap. She wants to play with her baby. Parineet thinks that she wants to reveal the truth to her. Neeti thinks that it’s tough to impress Parminder and Grandma. She worked where she was free in her air hostess job. Now she is stuck in this family. She wishes to solve everything asap. She wants to see her baby getting everyone’s love. Rajeev comes there anxious. He fears that Parineet will reveal the truth to Grandma.

Neeti tries to talk with Rajeev. He ignores her. Neeti says to Rajeev that she wants to consult a therapist. Rajeev asks her what happened to her? Neeti says to him that she feels like he has a dual role. He has a split personality. He was happy with his family members and behaving weirdly in front of her. Rajeev says to her that he was worried about his work and celebration tension. But she accuses him of being mad. Grandma noticed Neeti there. She inquires her who she is? What’s she doing here? Neeti says to her that she is Sanju’s wife. She asks her who Sanju is? She asks her what she is doing in her grandson’s room. She says to her that it’s Sanju’s room.

Monty comes there singing. She asks him who she is? Grandma gets shocked to see Neeti wasn’t there. Meanwhile, Neeti asks Rajeev to say what he is hiding from her.

Episode end

Precap; Rajeev’s cousin will notice Rajeev kidding Neeti. She will ask Neeti, doesn’t Parineet treat her as her best friend? Did she come here to snatch her husband from her? Meanwhile, Neeti will notice Rajeev and Parineet are hugging each other.

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