Parineetii: Old Lady will warn Parineet about Rajeev?

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Color TV’s popular show Parineetii is witnessing an interestingtrack where Rajeev proposes Parineet.

As reported earlier it’s shown that Parminder returns Chandrika’s jewellery to her. She asks Rajeev to take Parineet to the bank and open a locker in her name to keep her jewellery. Neeti gets angry when the front driver drives in the wrong way. She goes to warn him but he leaves throwing chips at her. Lady moves Rajeev’s car when he is taking so much time. Neeti comes there and notices Rajeev and asks what’s he doing here. She fights with the robber. Lady returns the key to Rajeev. They leave. Neeti chases their car taking Rajeev. She notes that number but couldn’t contact police. Rajeev asks her to drop him off and tells her that she can complain based on the car number. She agrees. He asks if she didn’t go to meet someone special. Neeti says she didn’t go to meet her friend’s Mom because of flight timings. He agrees and gets down from the car. To apologize for his delay Rajeev gets Parineet a rose and proposes his gratitude. Parineet feels happy. They reach the bank where Robber enters with guns. 

In the upcoming episodes, viewers will witness Rajeev will vent out his frustration on the stairs saying there is no similarity between him and Pari. Pari with some their with old women. Rajeev will say I know I am in a big problem when Parineet agreed to marry Rakesh for me. Pari will hears it. Old lady will tell Pari that Rajeev looks two faced and he is hiding something. Goons will enter a bank.

Will Parineet realises Rajeev’s real intentions? Who will save Parineet?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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