Parineetii Weekly Update: Parineet exposed Rajeev.

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Parineeti is Colors TVs Popular show. This show never fails to entertain it’s audience with the unique story line. Now serial focusing on Parineet exposed Rajeev!

In the previous week we have witnessed, Natasha’s father wished good luck to his daughter for a happy married life with Naman. He asked Sanju to come on stage. Parineet failed to meet him when Seems introduced her to her husband.

He thanked her for saving Natasha’s life. She came there and greeted her. Neeti called Parineet she went out to attend the call. Rajeev hesitated to talk on stage. Neeti glared at him so he confessed to her how much she meant to him.

He hugged her and kissed her. She went from there seeing Parineet missed call. Rajeev took her from there before Neeti sharing everything to her. Parineet doubted how did everything happening coincidence here.

Natasha asked her where did she lost? She called Rajeev to learn about his friend. He lied to her that he was devasted and keep crying. He refused to attend her friend Sangeet.

Natasha’s father announced new game to all. Parineet thought she don’t have partner to play this game so she decided to leave from there. Parineet noticed Neeti there.

Parineet went to meet Neeti but she got a call and left from there. She followed her behind. Sukhwinder enquired Neeti about her married life. She assured her that she was doing good with Sanju. Anjali met Rajeev and talked with him for few minutes.

Meanwhile Parineet and Neeti met each other. She enquired Parineet about Rajeev. She said to Neeti that Rajeev went to meet his friend. Neeti asked her what if he attend that function with his girlfriend.

Parineet supported him but Neeti asked her to stop trust him blind. Later she took Parineet near Rajeev. He doubted may she was following him behind. Rajeev danced with Parineet and Neeti in function.

Rajeev took Neeti from there angrily. He argued with Neeti for invited Parineet for the function. She gave fitting reply to him. He apologized to her for behaved like that to her. He tried to romance with her but Parineet call disturbed them. Rajeev asked Monty’s help.

Parineet enquires Neeti about Sanju? Neeti assured to Parineet he was in room. Parineet said to Neeti she saw Sanju outside. He was looking suspicious because he using back door to enter inside.

Neeti went to check him inside. Rajeev noticed Ajay and tried to pull him up. Neeti opened the door he left the hand of Ajay. He fell down. Neeti questioned him who was that?

Rajeev pretended like getting angry on her and walked away. Neeti said to Parineet that she doubted him unnecessary. Rajeev asked Ajay to wear his blazer and exchanged their mask. Neeti apologized to Ajay misunderstood him as Rajeev.

Later Parineet saw Shreya with Ajay and lashes out at them for betraying Neeti. They managed to lie with her. Rajeev asked Monty to help him take Parineet from here.

Rajeev noticed Parineet came there. Natasha forces Parineet to drink there even after she refused. Parineet got flashes of her moments with Rajeev. She doubted whether its effects of drinks or she really remembering him?

She noticed Rajeev there and thought it’s may be her hallucination. Neeti noticed her drunk and convinced her it’s not wrong to drink sometimes. She said to Neeti she saw Rajeev there. Rajeev hidden from her sight. Parineet followed him behind.

Seema noticed Parineet drunk. Neeti came there to help her. Monty collide with Seema ans their rooms key got exchanged there. Meanwhile Shreya disappointed with Ajay for playing dual role. He narrated to her why did he playing this drama.

Shreya got shock hearing Rajeev married two woman. Later Rajeev pretended like angry on Neeti she apologized to him. He tried to be romance with Neeti but got shocked seeing Parineet there.

Rajeev excused Neeti to meet Naman seeing Parineet there. Neeti doubted what happened to him? Later Natasha’s father called a girl to meet him in 303 room. Naman overheard it and doubted what he gonna do there. He shared his doubt with Rajeev.

He assured to Naman that he will manages Natasha there not to go there. He called Monty for help and learnt from him he was waiting for his girlfriend in 303 room. Rajeev thought he will get caught today and followed Naman behind.

Parineet noticed Sanju and followed him to caught his lies. Meanwhile Seema saw Monty in her room and misunderstood him as thief. He said to her he came to wrong room he was waiting for his girl friend.

Naman saw his father in law with a girl. Rajeev stopped him from entering into room. Seema brought Monty there. She learnt the truth she was a life insurance agent came there to do her work.

Rajeev assures to give money to her when she created problems. Parineet noticed them together. Later Rajeev saved Neeti from accident.

Parineet noticed Rajeev there and doubted when did he came here? She felt happy seeing him caring for het best friend. Rajeev took Neeti from there. Natasha said to Naman that he might love her the way Sanju love Neeti.

Parineet thought they may misunderstood Rajeev as Neeti’s husband and cleared it to them. Natasha said to her Sanju was Neeti’s husband. Parineet said to them Neet was her best friend that’s why he helped her they can ask Rajeev about it.

Seema ans her husband felt happy seeing Neeti and Sanju’s love for each other. Parineet heard guests were praising about Neeti and Sanju’s jodi she got irritated by it. She went to check them and got shock seeing them kissing each other.

She broke the candle stand and shouted it’s enough. Rajeev came to reality that he forgot about Parineet in tension. Neeti asked Parineet what happened to her? Parineet complained to her she shouldn’t have kissed him.

Neeti said to her she kissed her husband what’s wrong in it. Both got into an heating argument claiming Rajeev/ Sanju as their husband. Neeti demanded Monty to reveal the truth. He was staying quiet there.

Neeti forced Rajeev to confess the truth. He revealed to Parineet that he married to Neeti in front of her mom. Parineet asked him then who is she? He revealed to her that he don’t love her at all.

She don’t have place in his heart he only loves Neeti. His mom performed this marriage for her money. Neeti slapped Rajeev and walked out from there.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Rajeev will follow Neeti and stop her. Meanwhile Parineet will think it’s the only option left in her hand.

She will take knife and cut her veins. Monty will notice her faint. He will shout her name louder. Neeti and Rajeev’s attention will turn towards her.

What will happen next? Will Neeti punish Rajeev for his betrayal? How will Parineet tackle the situation?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates