Parineetii Weekly Update: Rajveer escaped from the wedding.

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Colors TV’s popular show Parineetii focused on Mishika got abducted

In the previous week we have witnessed, Cab driver tied Neeti’s leg and hand then locked her inside the room. His friends asked him what was on his mind? Cab driver showed his frustration out. They said to him they were cab drivers not goons to do this kidnapping.

Cab driver said to them that he wanted to ruin their face and took Parineet from here reasoning he need her. Parineet and Vicky noticed Neeti she sent Vicky to save Sanju. Parineet saved Neeti and went to witness Vicky got beaten up by them.

Cab driver held Parineet but Neeti saved her from him. Sanju got conscious there. Driver took them near their relatives. He demanded them to give their ornaments to him. Rajeev got angry when did Cab driver said that he loved Parineet and need her.

Rajeev beaten them when they forcefully removed Parineet’s ring. He beaten the cab driver and took back the ring from him. Later Police came there to arrest them. Vicky demanded Sanju to remove his veil. Gurpreet stopped him. They went to fresh up.

Rajeev returned to his room. His friends pulled his leg and said that god wanted to stop the marriage too. Still he had time to think about it stop wedding and elope from there. Rajeev threw pillow on his friends but mistakenly fell on Parineet.

She gave first aid to his wounds. Later Monty lied to Simi and left to attend the wedding. She doubted that he was hiding something. Later Rajeev enquired about Parineet’s wound. She shared about her father to him. She added how much she was lucky to get Rajeev in her life made him feel guilty.

Neeti saw them together. Simi followed Monty to venue and doubted him. Sukhwinder took Neeti from there and lashed out at her. She shared to her whatever relative said to her.

Sukhwinder got promise from Parineet to keep an eye on them. Neeti complained to her that everyone loves her not Neeti. Parineet shared to her that she was discussing with Sanju about her father.

Neeti shared her grief to Parineet. Parineet assured to her that her dad would have like Sanju if he alive. Parineet compared Rajveer with Sanju and added both got best husband in life. They shared their happiness each other. Vicky worried for Neeti and shared to his uncle that Mandeep hurted her a lot and this Cab driver too.

Parineet and Neeti struggled a lot he was ready to sacrifice his life for Neeti’s help. Gurpreet got chest pain. She demanded Vicky to don’t share anything to Parineet and went to hospital with Harman. Rajveer returned the ring to Parineet.

Monty got shocked to see her there. Rajveer explained his situation to him. He got a message from Balwinder that Mishika coming back. He contacted her and assures to Mishika that he will definitely play with her. Later Simi got call from Chandrika while talking with her she noticed Parineet there. She learnt from Parineet that she was working but none aware of it.

Parineet helped Sanju to remove his clothes from door. He thanked her for helping him. She compared Sanju with Rajeev. He felt uncomfortable to hear it. Later Mishika felt thirsty and asked for water. She was about to take her father’s drink he stopped her.

He scold her which made driver felt bad for that baby. Later Simi collide with Vicky. Both got into an argument like kid. Sukhwinder solved their issues and demanded them to help each other. Vicky took Simi near Parineet. Kidnappers were worried about missing child.

They noticed Mishika went to buy water bottle and kidnapped her from there. Balwinder followed them. Meanwhile relative alerted Sukhwinder that both Neeti and Parineet life have unknown problems. They wanted to find it out.

Priest asked Parineet to give Thilak to groom. Fortune teller lady shared her. Later Balwinder followed the kidnappers car. Parineet removed sanju’s Sehara. Vicky and Simi came there to meet Sanju there. Balwinder noticed the kidnappers car number.

Vicky greeted Ajay there whom was disguised like Sanju. Meanwhile Sanju collied with Monty and alerted him that someone kidnapped Mishika so he asked Ajay to sit in his position he will return on time.

Later Vicky and Simi introduced themselves to him. Vicky notices Rajveer and doubted him. He shared his suspicious to Simi. She found him was right. Later Rajveer met Balwinder and Learnt everything from him.

Driver helped him to narrate the incident. Rajveer found a clue to caught them. Monty warned him that he might return on time or else Ajay will marry Neeti.

Ajay feard that he may end up marrying Neeti but she looked beautiful though. He thought Parineet looked like perfect wife and regretted for betraying Shreya. He prayed Rajveer might come back asap.

Vicky learnt from office security that office closed today confirming Rajveer lied to them. Simi doubted he may be with Mishika. She narrated everything about her with him. He noticed the Rajveer car there. Kidnappers were arguing with each other. Lady kidnapper was adamant not to take care of Mishika.

Meanwhile Mishika got conscious and escaped from there they searched for her. Rajveer reached to there Balwinder was adamant to go there in car not understanding the situation. Rajveer and him ended up arguing with each other.

They went inside to check her. Later Vicky and Simi reached there and learnt from Chandrika that Mishika got kidnapped. Vicky went inside to help him. Later Neeti got up from mandap seeing wounded Shreya there. Kidnappers found Mishika there Rajveer tried to follow them but goons blocked him.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Fortune teller will alert Parineet that soon she will get cheated. Meanwhile Parineet will notice Sanju hugging someone else and Confront him for betraying Neeti.

Ajay will explain her that she misunderstand him. Shreya will show Neeti and Rajveer’s photo to her.

What will happen next? Will Parineet learn the truth? Will Rajveer get caught?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.