Paritosh to bring storm in Anuj and Anupama’s life again?: Anupama

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Anuj and Anupama’s differences to grow post Paritosh will face a loss in his business.


In today’s episode, Paritosh makes a property deal. Vanraj and Hasmuk gets stunned learning Paritosh is making a deal of a disputed Sharma’s property. They confront Paritosh. Vanraj and Hasmuk worry if Paritosh will land into a trouble. Paritosh gets adamant to carry forward his business. Kinjal calls Paritosh crazy.

Vanraj and Hasmuk think Paritosh will make them land in trouble too. Anupama makes breakfast. Dhiraj teases Anupama. Anuj come and Dhiraj share his plan about going out. Dhiraj decide to take Anuj, Anupama along. Paritosh on call asks someone if Sharma property paper is legal or not. The other person assure Paritosh. Paritosh decide to take the risk in the business. He decides to arrange the money. Kinjal asks Paritosh if he didn’t got Vanraj’s advice? She alert Paritosh about taking risk in business.  Paritosh says he knows none trust him but he will prove them wrong. He further sees money in Kinjal’s wardrobe.

Dhiraj says to Anuj that we make mistake by thinking we all have time. He asks Anuj not to wait for the right time as it waits for none. Dhiraj says to Anuj that he failed to save but he can let go the anger.

In the upcoming episode, Devika and Dhiraj will help Anuj, Anupama to reunite. Anuj, Anupama will confess love for each other. Paritosh will put break in Anuj, Anupama’s love story again. Will Anuj forgive Anupama again? Time will only tell.

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