Park Hyung- Sik and Han So- Hee starrer Soundtrack#1 to be released on Disney+

Disney + announced earlier today (Feb 4) that the upcoming romance drama starring the handsome Park Hyung-Sik and the gorgeous Han So-Hee will be available to stream on the platform Disney + upon its release in mid March. The drama titled Soundtrack #1 , revolves around the story of two long time friends and music lovers who learns about each other’s true feelings when they end up living together for two weeks. The drama will be directed by the ‘Vincenzo ‘ fame Kim Hee – Won.

Park Hyung-Sik is set to play the role of Han Sun-Woo, a quiet upcoming photographer with warm and kind heart. Han So – Hee will be playing the female protagonist Seo Eun – Soo, a lyricist with a bubbly and straight forward personality.

Ever since the cast announcement of Soundtrack #1 , the fans are eagerly awaiting to watch the chemistry between the lead couples as they both are known for excellent chemistry with their co-stars. Since the drama revolves around music, fans are equally looking forward to the OSTs (Soundtrack). The team of Soundtrack#1 has innovatively released few scenes of Park Hyung-Sik and Han So-Hee  in the music videos for the OST’s instead of releasing traditional teasers catching the eyes of audience and keeping them in anticipation of the upcoming drama.