Park Ji Hoon is set to star as lead in upcoming webtoon based school drama ‘Weak Hero’

The charming South Korean singer and actor Park Ji hoon has been cast as the male lead in Wavve’s original drama ‘Weak Hero’ which is scheduled to air in the second half of this year. ‘Weak Hero’ is an action school drama based on a famous webtoon of the same name.

Park Ji Hoon will be playing the male lead role of Yeon Si Eun.Although looks very frail on the outside,he is a smart guy who uses his brain to win battles against his enemies and eventually gets to dominate the school.Although Park Ji hoon has starred in school based dramas before his role in ‘Weak Hero ‘ will set him apart from his previous sweet roles and would give a new dimension to his acting ability.

Park Ji Hoon has already captured millions of hearts through his previous dramas ‘Flower Crew : Joseon Marriage Agency ‘, ‘Love Revolution’ and ‘At a Distance Spring is Green ‘.Fans are eagerly anticipating his new transformation in this upcoming action based drama.

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