Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 11th November 2023 Written Update: Ayesha lies to Raghav

Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 11th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pashminna reaches Shiv temple. She tells Lord Shiv that she will keep the leaf with him and if it reached her then Raghav is not tourist.


Other side, Paras tells Tahsildar that Pashminna’s partner is not Kashmiri. Pashminna’s aunt comes there and tells Tahsildar that if Pashminna’s partner is not local then, her win is invalid. She says that outsider can’t win the race and snatch the rights of local. Tahsildar tells her that she is right so he will look into the matter. Paras asks Pashminna’s aunt that why she is against Pashminna’s win. Pashminna’s aunt tells him that he only said Pashminna’s partner is not local and leaves from there. Paras tells himself that Pashminna won’t get prize money if her win become invalid then. He realises that he made mistake.

Reeva tells Raghav that Ayesha lied. Ruhaan tells Reeva that Ayesha never lies. Reeva scolds Ruhaan. Drunk Atul comes there and taunts Raghav. Raghav tells Reeva that Ayesha never lies. Sunil tells Reeva that Raghav is also doubting him. Reeva tells Raghav that Sunil is not like that. She says that her husband loves her so much. Raghav says that Ayesha has proofs and she is bringing proofs. Reeva and Sunil gets shocked hearing this.

Pashminna tells Kaju everything. Preeti takes Pashminna from there. She shows new mottor to her. She asks her about Raghav. Pashminna tells her that Raghav left. Preeti says that all the tourists are same. They learns that Tahsildar learnt that Pashminna’s partner is not local so her win is invalid. Preeti asks Pashminna that if the latter’s partner was tourist. Kaju tells Preeti that they don’t know Pashminna’s partner. She tells Pashminna to seek Raghav’s help.

Raghav tells Reeva that the latter can’t insult Avinash. He says that Ayesha is part of this family. Reeva tells him that he lied that he has fever and went for tour with a girl. He tells her that he went to see how houseboat looks at night. Ruhaan tells Raghav that the latter did not say tour guide is girl. Raghav says that that’s not matter. He tells Reeva that Ayesha trust him. Reeva asks him that why he removed his engagement ring. She tauntingly asks him that if he gave the ring to anyone. Raghav wonders where his engagement ring went.

Mohana asks Reeva to stop it. She asks Raghav that where he lost his engagement ring. Avinash and Ayesha comes there. Ayesha tells Raghav to not panick. She says that Raghav would have lost his ring in his hotel room. Raghav gets call from hotel and learns that they found his ring in his hotel room. Raghav says that everyone knows he can’t love. He adds that he and Ayesha trust each other. He asks Ayesha about proofs. Ayesha tells him that she don’t have any proofs. She recalls that how Avinash convinced her to delete the proofs. She apologizes to everyone.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Raghav scolds Pashminna.

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