Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 13th November 2023 Written Update: Raghav returns to Kashmir

Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 13th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ruhaan asks Ayesha that did she lied. Dadi asks him to stop it. She tells everyone to finish the matter. Ayesha apologizes to Raghav for wasting his time. Raghav tells her that it’s fine. He says that he will make tea for her and takes her inside.


On the other hand, Kaju asks Nusrat from Raghav’s number. Nusrat tells her that he don’t have Raghav’s number. She gets Sunil’s number from Nusrat. She calls Sunil from Nusrat’s son phone and tells Sunil that she want to talk to Raghav. She informs him that she is calling from Kashmir. Pashminna snatches the phone from Kaju and disconnects the call. Sunil calls on the number. Nusrat picks the call and says that they called by mistake. Raghav tells Sunil that he don’t trust the latter at all. He warns him to stay as Reeva’s husband and leaves from there.

Pashminna tells herself that she thought she can arrange money by winning the race but that plan flopped. She wonders how she is going to arrange money to buy mottor. She hallucinates Raghav. She comes to reality and sees Preeti. She goes to Preeti and tells her that she love the latter so much. She says that they will win for sure. She hallucinates Raghav again. And Raghav tells her that he will return. She asks him that if he is telling the truth. Preeti asks her daughter that what happened. Pashminna shook her head and goes inside.

Next day, Pashminna wakes up. Raghav tells Preeti that he had important meeting so he left for Mumbai yesterday. Pashminna sees him. He tells hai to her. She thinks that she is hallucinating him again. She starts beating him up. He asks her to stop it. Preeti comes there and stops Pashminna. Raghav asks Pashminna that why she did that. Preeti asks him that if he is fine. She goes inside to bring water for Raghav. Pashminna murmurs to herself. Raghav asks Pashminna that what happened to her.

Preeti tells Raghav that Pashminna has fever and in fever Pashminna starts blabbering. She tells him to sit. She takes Pashminna aside and tells her to get ready. Pashminna tells her that she won’t go. She says that she got call from mottor guy. Preeti tells her that they received money from Raghav already. She asks her to get ready. Raghav wonders why Pashminna is behaving weird.

Meanwhile, Paras scolds Uma Shankar. He complains about Uma Shankar’s wife to Uma Shankar. Uma shankar says that Paras should have helped Pashminna if he cares about her then. Uma Shankar’s wife stops their fight.

Pashminna taunts Raghav. Raghav tells her that his intention was not hurting her. He tells Driver about his childhood dance performance. He ignores Pashminna. They argues with each other that in which restaurant they should eat. He tells her that she will take him to the place in which she gets commission.

Episode ends.

Precap – Raghav tells Pashminna that she wanted to prove he is Kashmiri.

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