Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ke 12th February 2024 Written Update: Pashminna learns about Preeti’s lie

Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ke 12th February 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pashminna recalls that how she hugged Raghav after seeing him. She picks Dolly’s call and learns that Preeti is in mechanic shop still. She realises that Preeti know Raghav is in Kashmir that’s why Preeti blocked Raghav’s number from her phone. She notices that water is coming inside the houseboat and she tries to close the hole. She says that everything was going good in her life and she looks at her engagement ring. She recalls that how Raghav said Ayesha helped him in his recovery. She says that Raghav want to move on in his life with Ayesha. She close the hole.


On the other hand, Sunil tells Reva that she want to save the business from him so he has a plan and leaves from there. Reva wonders what Sunil is going to do. Meanwhile, Rishi tells Thasildar that something is fishy in houseboat accident. Thasildar tells Rishi that they are investigating the case. He learns that Raghav came to meet him.

Pashminna notices flower bouquet and assumes Raghav kept it there. She decides to tell Ayesha that she moved on in her life. She calls Ayesha and asks whether the latter is fine. Ayesha asks Pashminna that whether the latter met Raghav. Pashminna tells Ayesha that she met Raghav. She congratulates Ayesha. Ayesha gets confused hearing this. She informs Pashminna that she is not getting married to Raghav. She asks that what’s the use of marriage when they don’t love each other. She requests Pashminna to take decision after thinking a lot. She disconnects the call. Pashminna realises that Avinash lied to her.

Raghav yells at Tahsildar. He says that they know who is behind houseboat accident. Tahsildar says that they need proof. Raghav says that he will bring proof against Kailash and Paras and leaves from there. Rishi hears this. He thinks that Kailash and Paras deserves punishment.

Pashminna scolds Avinash for lying to her about Ayesha and Raghav’s marriage. Avinash tells her that he lied to her for her well-being. She says that she is glad Ayesha told the truth to her. She asks him that who gave her rights to take decision about her life. And she asks him that why he came there. He informs her that Preeti called him and Preeti wanted him to lie to the latter. He asks her to not misunderstand Preeti. She leaves from there.

Ayesha scolds Raghav for lying to Pashminna about marriage. Raghav informs her about Pashminna’s engagement. He tries to enter Pashminna houseboat. Rishi kidnaps Raghav. He assumes that Raghav is thief. They sees each other’s face. They realises that they are childhood friends and they hugs each other. They talks about Ayesha. Rishi says that Ayesha used to fight with him a lot.

Pashminna asks Preeti that why the latter lied to her. Preeti tells Pashminna that she don’t want Raghav to return in Pashminna’s life. She apologizes to Pashminna. Pashminna promises to marry Rishi. She says that she met Raghav. Preeti hugs Pashminna.

Episode ends.

Precap – Raghav tells Rishi that he fell in love in Kashmir. He eats sweets with Rishi’s family. Pashminna comes there. Dolly calls Pashminna. Raghav hears this.

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