Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ke 13th February 2024 Written Update: Raghav meets Rishi’s family

Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ke 13th February 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pashminna informs Preeti that she met Raghav and he is happy in his life. She promises to marry Rishi. Preeti tells Pashminna that she just wants the latter’s happiness and Rishi will keep Pashminna happy.


On the other hand, Sunil plans to kill Raghav by using Paras. He is about to call Paras but Reva snatches the phone from him and scolds him. He asks her to return his phone to her. She tells him that she won’t let him do this and breaks his phone. He gets angry at her and pushes her. He warns her to not cry and he steps on the glass pieces by mistake. She gets worried seeing this and helps him to sit on the bed.

In the Kashmir, Raghav tells Rishi that they should save houseboats from Kailash. Rishi takes Raghav to meet financier.

Reva treats Sunil’s wound. Sunil tells Reva that she is also injured. He asks her that why she cares about him still. She tells him that he matters for her. He says that he know he don’t deserve forgiveness. He apologizes to her. She tells him that she has to clean the floor. He tells her that he will do it because he created this mess. He asks her that don’t she believe him. She asks him to do something for her.

Minty asks Rishi that who is his business partner. Rishi tells her that his best friend is his business partner. Preeti and Pashminna comes there. Minty and Dolly argues with each other. Minty shows jewels to Pashminna.

Reva tells Sunil that he disrespected their relationship so she can’t live with him. She says that Sunil did not had any rights to beat her. Sunil asks her to give one more chance to him. He says that Moina gave one more chance to Atul. She tells him that Atul never beat Moina up. She says that she can’t love Sunil so she will choose her path. He asks her to stay happy and leaves from there. She records voice message which states that she left Sunil.

Baby informs Kailash that Raghav is in Kashmir. Paras tells her that he already know that and he even beat Raghav up. Kailash tells Paras to stay away from Raghav. He says that no one should know they burnt Pashminna’s houseboat. Uma shankar and Baby says that they won’t tell about it to anyone. Paras says that Pashminna’s marriage won’t happen.

Preeti tells everything to Moina. Theb Moina tells everything to Dadi. She says that she know a way to bring Raghav to Mumbai. Reva hears this. Meanwhile, Raghav meets Rishi’s family. Raghav asks Rishi that whether Dolly is financier. Rishi nods at Raghav. He learns that Raghav fell in love in Kashmir.

Episode ends.

Precap – Moina informs Raghav that Dadi has chest pain.

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