Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ke 2nd February 2024 Written Update: Raghav struggles to stand

Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ke 2nd February 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Doctor tells Raghav to stand. Raghav tries to stand but fails. Dadi asks Doctor about last test report. Doctor says that test report is normal and Raghav need motivaton to stand. Reva tells Raghav that he can do it and she will help him. She helps Raghav to stand. Raghav stands and falls on the chair. He tells Dadi and Reva that it’s fine. He says that they should celebrate today because it’s been a year that Atul did not drink.


On the other hand, Preeti tells Pashminna that the latter thinks she can’t love again. She says that Rishi different and she is sure Rishi will fill Pashminna’s life with happiness. Pashminna tells her that she is happy but she don’t believe in love. Preeti tells Pashminna that Rishi believes in love. Pashminna says that she know that. She recalls that how she told Rishi about wish leaf and he wrote something in the wish leaf. She tells everything to Preeti. She says that she don’t know what Rishi wrote in wish leaf. Rishi shows the wish leaf to Pashminna. Pashminna notices that her name is written in the wish leaf.

Reva enters the room and sees Sunil sleeping after drinking. She throws alcohol bottles in the dustbin. She wakes Sunil up. Sunil pushes her and tells her to leave from there. She thinks that her fate is like Moina. She tells herself that she is happy alone like Raghav.

Meanwhile, Raghav tells Ayesha that he is fine. Ayesha tells him that she know what happened in the hospital. She tells him that he is not happy from the day Pashminna left. He tells her that he has her and his family. She asks him that what about love. He tells her that he has family. He says that Pashminna got free from him. She tells him that he must be missing Pashminna so much. She asks him about Reva and Sunil. He tells her that Reva is saying Sunil changed. She tells him that he can’t forget Pashminna and Pashminna would not have forget him. He tells her that Pashminna would have moved on in her life.

Moina wonders why Raghav is not showing any improvement. Atul tells her that everyone needs a reason to live and she snatched that reason from Raghav. She tells him that Pashminna is reason for Raghav’s destruction. He tells her that Pashminna is Raghav’s strength. He says that Raghav became lifeless now. She tells him that Raghav told Pashminna to leave. She says that Raghav and Pashminna’s love was weak that’s why they got separated. Later, Raghav’s family celebrates Atul’s sobriety. Atul and Reva notices that Raghav is not smiling wholeheartedly. Raghav hallucinates Pashminna.

Meanwhile, Pashminna dances with Rishi. She hallucinates Raghav. Paras comes there. He aims to shoot Pashminna.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Kailash tells Paras that they should not give easy death to Pashminna. He set fire on Pashminna’s boat. Raghav watches this in news and stands in shock.

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