Patiala Babes 10th January 2020 Written Update: Neil and Mini dance with each other at the New Year party

Episode begins with Arya is making her stomach to stay at the restaurant to see the party of New Year. Mini gets her intention and says to her purposely that due to her illness she called a doctor and he will be coming shortly with an injection. Arya suddenly gets off from the sofa and thinks that it will be painful for her.

Arya gets up and says the stomach pain is getting less right now when Mini says that she already got her clearly. She and her friend asks Arya to have a soup but she denies at first. Mini says if she doesn’t have the soap right now then she will again call back the doctor and asks him to come with injection and also send her back at home.

Arya is having the soup in front of them but as soon as they left the room Arya keep the bowl on the table. Neil comes there and asks Arya why she is not having the soup? Arya says she wants to see the new year party at this restaurant but somehow Mini is not allowing her to do so that is why she was kind of obliged to fake her stomach pain to stay here. Neel understand her point and says that she must have this soup or else he will not make her see the party.

Arya has the soup on his command. Later on, the guest for the party starts to arrive at the restaurant and Neil is making food in the kitchen. Arya comes there and ask nail to make her see the party, to keep for request nail made her stand on the kitchen platform so that she can see the hall of the restaurant clearly from there. Area starts to dance seeing the people in the party is dancing Neil watches her and then he also gives her company so that she doesn’t feel left out.

Mini comes there and catches Neil and Arya dancing together. she finds it so cute that she starts to recorded without their knowledge. Suddenly Neil noticed her and also mocked for recording their video without due permission. Arya asks Mini to show her how to dance with Neil and Neil and Minnie reluctantly agrees to dance with each other and song plays out. both of them somehow lost in each other while the song is playing in the background. The song ends but there was an issue is going on in the party.

Mini and Neil goes there to check what is happening there and Mini took the side of the girl in the party and says to the guy that you cannot force a person to dance with you without their will. That guy is so adamant that he is trying to come close to me but Neil intervenes.

Precap – Neel asks Mini about his rental house to go and can take rest. Mini with a sad face informs Neil that she is unable to find a house for him.