Patiala Babes 10th March 2020 Written Update: Mini accepted her feelings for Neil to Preeti

Episode begins with Mini and Arya are sitting together and she asks her sister are you missing Neil today? Mini makes faces and says there is nothing like that however Arya declines to agree to her claims and says do not try to speak lie to me atleast, I very well know that you feel for him and Mini is blushing hard and still asks her sister not to talk rubbish but with a mischievous and playful smile.

The elders of the house tries to find out from Mini about Neil but she snapped at them softly and says why are you asking me about letters continuously. There is nothing serious in it but you all seemed to have made a mountain out of mole.

Later, Mini and her friend Preeti are sleeping on their bed with a face pack on their face and then Preeti is asking her why she is glowing so much today? She says you please think about your boyfriend and don’t spend too much time about mine. Mini says I don’t have any boyfriend and I am not into any relationship.

Priti replied to her at least don’t speak lie today or else I will make you eat at least 1 kg salt as last time also you have lied to me and one more kg salt is already pending for you. Mini finally says I only speak half truth and ok I am ready to admit that I am in love and Preeti starts to tease her regarding Neil.

Mini is arranging the room of Neil in his absence and Preeti gets impressed with this side of Mini as she was never like this and this change is very refreshing. However, while arranging the room they get a pendant from the cupboard of Neil and it has heart shaped locket attached with it.

Mini doesn’t show but she somehow gets tensed and doesn’t want to face it but then with much difficulty she opens the locket and it has his parents picture combined and she gets relieved. she is waiting for me to come back but he is taking time and Arya pulls her leg regarding this topic.

Mini ignores it and deny that she is not waiting for leave but says you are listening to songs and you are all decked up just for the arrival of Neil. Suddenly they heard a news on tv that a huge accident took place in the highway from Delhi to Patiala and so many people got injured in this. Due to this, an unknown fear grabs them from all corner and Arya asks Mini to call Neil.

The doorbell rings but Arya is not ready to open the door things happened in the same way during the accident of their parents and Mini understands the emotional turmoil of Arya. She opens the door and it was turned out to be Neil only and Mini gets teary eyed to see him all fit and fine while Neil is trying to cheer up Arya.

Precap – Neil gives footrings to Mini which he brought for her. He wants to confess about his past with her.