Patiala Babes 11th March 2020 Written Update: Neil gifts Mini rings and makes her wear it too

Episode begins with Mini is asking Neil, he didn’t inform them that he is fit and fine and is on the way towards home. Due to the accident, there is traffic on the highway and that is why my taxi and my phone is out of network and that is why I couldn’t contact anybody. Arya says we have thought that we have lost you finally what is happening between them and he says to Arya that why will I die? I am fit and fine and in front of your eyes. Neil shows the gifts he brought for everybody from Delhi and he says that I forgot to bring anything for Mini. In the morning, Mini is trying her hair when Neil comes to talk to her.

Neel milk from the milkman and says to him that he is in love maybe. Neil finally gifts Mini foot rings and says I bring these for you only and he wants to confess about his past to many but before he can go ahead with his side of the story, both of them get to hear some noise from downstairs. Khatri comes to their house and he is speaking something ill about Mini and Neil is not liking it at all and he asks him to shut up.

Khatri says just because of you my wife is behind me to surrender myself under police officer. He is speaking nonsense against Mini and her mother and Neil punches hard on his face. Mini immediately goes to meet Kammo aunty to ensure she is doing fine. They are having a conversation regarding the topic about Khatri and he is my husband after all and I am feeling bad to do these things with him.
Khatri is trying to find out from the police officer what can be the possible punishment for harassment and molestation of a woman by a man.

The police officer said that there are two different laws that are 354 and 354 A. Khatri gets scared to listen to this and he is thinking if he goes inside the jail for 7 years. Mini says to Kammo seeing the attitude of Mini, I didn’t think from his attitude that he is going to surrender to the police for his deeds. Kammo says something is there which is bothering him from inside. Khatri is in a dilemma about what to do regarding the surrender to the police officer. They are discussing over the matter with each other on the terrace.

Precap – Preeti notices the rings in the finger of Mini. Neil decided to speak about his past to Mini.