Patiala Babes 13th March 2020 Written Update: Mini arranges holi party at house with her friends

Episode begins with the preparations for holi celebrations are going on in full swing and Neil gets happy to see the celebrations and the preparations because the friends of Mini are coming and he is tensed for it. Mini is very enthusiastic to play holi with everybody and challenges to put colours on her and they are running behind each other to apply colors.

Neel is running behind Mini and she is trying to hide from him through Rani, Preeti and Bobby as well. Bobby feels bad to see so much closeness between Mini and Neil but he is helpless. Neil and Mini are coming close with each other and both are getting intimate. Mini comes down to apply colours on her friends but Preeti and Arya are pulling legs of her.

Preeti and Arya are pulling legs of Mini and she is getting shy and blushing hard. Neil also comes down and he is smiling with all the leg pullings and everything. He is playing holi with Priti and Arya. Mini goes behind Bobby and had a heart to heart talk with him about his feelings for her. She says to Bobby that you never allow anybody to enter in your heart, if you do so then only you will be able to find out the true love of your life.

All the family members together gathered and starts to playing antakshari with each other by dividing into different teams one consisted of boys and the other with the girls. They are singing the song one after another and is expressing their feelings through the lyrics of the song. And it was lead turns now and he also sing a song for me and she is feeling shy why Preeti is pulling her legs. Arya also sings a song in front of all and Mini and Neil cheer for her. After the song and again starts to pass on the pillow from one to another and Mini throws heart pillow to Neil and avni Neil is looking at her with so much love and affection.

Precap – Mini says to Neil why I feel there is something unsaid between us which we should get to know. Neil says to Mini that if she believes him then she will come with him.