Patiala Babes 14th February 2020 Written Update: Arya finally speaks up with Mini about her accident

Episode begins with Mini is asking Arya what is wrong with you? Mini says to Rani she doesn’t like Keval uncle, he is such a bad person and she just doesn’t like him. Mini says to Arya he bought toffees for you but Arya throws it away. She starts to cry again and runs to her room.

Mini guessed something is going wrong with Arya and she comes to her room. Rani comes to the room of Arya and says to her that this shouldn’t have done by you. Mini says to Rani that you go and do the household work, I will manage her here. Mini sits besides Arya and asks her what is wrong?

Arya avoided the conversation with Mini and saved that there is nothing wrong and again kept quiet. Mini tries to convert the ask her about my friends and also informs her about the letter from Principal madam.

Arya says that she has no complaint against anybody and also informs Mini about her best friend Neha. Mini says you never told me about Neha before, Arya says to her that I told you already but maybe you forgot. In the restaurant, Neil is thinking about his moment spent with Mini, when he receives a visitor in the restaurant looking for Mini.

Neil goes to meet her when she says I am the mother of Neha who is a classmate of Arya. She says to Mini, I have something important to discuss with mini only please pass on my message to her. In the house, Mini is discussing the problems about Arya with Jaan bii when Neil comes there and informs her that today the mother of Neha comes to the restaurant to meet you.

Suddenly Arya screams in fear and gets up with a jerk from sleep after seeing a nightmare about her friend Neha. Mini finds everything very suspicious and she insists Arya to speak up and share her problems with her.

Arya says to Mini that promise me you will not get angry with me and I will share the stuff only with you and not anybody else. Mini brings Arya to her room and says now no one is here anymore and you can feel free to share things with me.

Finally Arya opened up about Keval uncle to Mini and shared the actual story behind her accident. She says that Keval uncle punished kids who are so naughty and he took them to the bathroom and punished them. He does it with sneha and now you will do it with me.

Precap – Mini says to Arya, you or Neha don’t need to get scared anymore.