Patiala Babes 16th December 2019 written Update: Saroj Mami tries to provoke Mini to continue her job in Australia

Episode begins with the small sister of Mini is trying to light up gas and is learning to make milk tea for her Veer Balike. The helper comes there running and stops her from lighting up gas. Rani says small girls doesn’t make tea at all. She says I want to grow up for better and make tea for my elder sister. Rani says the day you will become 15 years old and adult enough then you can make tea for your elder sister. Mami comes to the house and tries to make her feel cornered. Mini says I was about to go back for my job and my ticket was finalised for yesterday but I have to wait and halted for my short sister Arya. Mini asks Saroj mami to continue with her talks and meanwhile she will be back after washing off her mouth. Saroj aunty purposely puts forward the topic of the dispute between Mini and Babita. Arya gets a bit thoughtful after listening to this but before Saroj can go further Rani stops her from speaking anymore things. On the other hand, Mini comes out of the bathroom and asks Arya to get ready for the school or else her school bus will get missed.

Saroj mamai asks Mini to let her uncle look for brokers and buyers for her restaurant as he has more experience and idea about market and prices than her friends who are still under age for this need. Arya gets ready for school and she asks bebe why there is a dispute between my mother and my elder sister? Mini asks Saroj mami that when my friends are looking for buyers then they can only find one or two but now uncle finds out one buyer so soon and he is ready to buy the property as well. Saroj aunty tries to asks and convince her to continue her job in Australia and let her and her husband manage Arya or else they can shift in this house as well to take care of Arya better. Arya goes for school after saying buy to Mini and Saroj aunty.

Saroj aunty says she gelled up with you so soon in these few days only. While listening to the words of Saroj aunty Mini remembers how she used to manipulate and provoke her mother against her and asks to send her in Australia to Mr. Ashok. Mini still listens to her with full patience and keeps her cool intact and didn’t say anything. Biji comes and asks Saroj if she likes to drink tea right now?

Mini is discussing stuff with her friends and discuss how her Saroj aunty used to provoke her small sister Arya but she is sure that how much she must be trying to do it but I will not her succeed. She says I know she used to provoke my mother with her over sweetness. Mini is discussing when Saroj comes there with a buyer and Mini after listening to the best offers from market and she understands the market value of the restaurant. Mini decides to restart the business once again like before. She says I will take it to the top and will make it reach heights and this will be a proof of our success and struggle and fightback.

Precap – Grandmother says we have to find a chef who can bring back the older taste like Babita.