Patiala Babes 16th January 2020 Written Update: Mini gets suspicious messages from unknown number

Episode begins with Neil comes to show something too many but he gets mesmerized by the sight of her to praying to God. Mini noticed Neil there and asks what is the deal? Neel is stammering and then he finally says to her that there is a review in the newspaper about your restaurant in the 5th page. She is with so much palpitation open the paper and starts to read the report and as soon as she progresses in it she realised that a review is positive and in favour of the restaurant and it will give the restaurant a major boost.

Mini gets happy and excited to read the report as this will give their business so many benefits. Mini stops mid way in the flow of emotions as she is feeling overwhelmed and completed the rest of the report on behalf of her and asks her how she is feeling. Mini gets emotional as Neil reads the rest of the paper report and asks she needs to be happy.

Mini says to Neil that I wish I can also report about the Patiala Babes restaurant. Arya is with Rani and she is telling her that finally, she gets a prince charming in her life and that prince charming is none other than Neil. Neil hears the conversation from the outside of the room and laughs to hear the words of Arya.

Mini and her friend are conversing with each other when the latter is saying you did some hurry in this matter without knowing anything in detail about him. You should have game some information about him first because the first time you and your mother took a great risk as well but apparently Hanuman uncle was a nice person. What about if this time Neil doesn’t turn out to be a one nice person? Neil comes to talk with Arya and ask her what are you discussing about me?

Arya says you are the Prince charming of my life and Neil says I am not your prince charming but your guardian angel. Arya asks if guardian angel is better than prince charming? Neil says of course he is better because he can fulfill any wishes of yours. Arya asks him to make chinese noodles for her, punish Mantu and the third wish she said I will tell later. Mini and her friend is trying to find out about Neil from his social media account but apart from some cooking post did not get much about him from there.

Mini says we are over thinking about him, he must be a normal person like us. Mini suddenly gets a text in her phone asking about Neel staying in her house. Her friend suggests her to find out about the number from Neil. Mini enquires from Neil about the messages.

Neil made Chinese noodles on the command of Arya. She says who is this person messaging me from the morning asking about you and how this particular person is aware about your location and what are you doing in your time? Neil check the phone off Mini and gets shocked.

Precap – Mini asks her about the loan and he says some loans can never be deposited.