Patiala Babes 16th March 2020 Written Update: Neil decided to make Mini see about his past life

Episode begins with everybody is playing antakshari in the occasion of Holi and Neil is dedicating song indirectly to Mini and she is enjoying his attention. Mini also sing a song for Neel and both of them had and indirect convey of feelings for each other. Priti says to Mini that Neel didn’t keep his feelings properly in front of us in fact he didn’t even confess his love and all that you people do is indirectly conveying your feelings for each other.

Mini blushes remembering the moments between her and live and a slight smile comes on her face and she thinks I said that this is really beautiful and cute and she calls him an idiot. At the night time, Mini comes to meet Neel while Neel is ironing his clothes they are having a conversation when Mini says to him that you know everything about me, about my past, about my family but I always feel that there is something inappropriate or incomplete about you like I feel that I should know something about which I shouldn’t.

Neel realised that she didn’t read his letter and he says if there is something about me which you need to know and for that you have to come with me to Delhi. He asks her did you really believe in me? If yes then come with me without any word. Mini se store near that I trust you enough to come with you without uttering a single word. Neil leaves for Delhi at night only. Both of them get into a taxi together and go to Delhi.

Mini sleeps during the journey but Neel wakes her up from sleep and says we have reached. Arya accidentally got hold of the letter of Neil which he wrote for Mini on the road and she brings it home so that she can give it to Mini. Mini realises that she has come to the house of Neil and she gets conscious about her clothes and appearance. Neil says she is looking enough beautiful and presentable. She is trying to cope up with the new house as everything is new to her.

Neil is talking to a lawyer regarding some property related talk when Mini is trying to see the house properly. Mini says if you have some important work today why did you bring me now? Neil says to her it is completely fine and he is not having any issue with she herself being there. Mini is trying to look at the pictures on the wall.

Precap – Mini is shocked to see Mrs. oberoi there thus she realised Neil is married.