Patiala Babes 17th February 2020 Written Update: Mini decides to fight back for Arya

Episode begins with the words of Arya going in the ears of Mini and no idea what to say and what to do right now. Arya asks Mini do you trust me about this matter?? She says I trust you a lot and asks why didn’t you tell me all this earlier?

Both the sisters are crying with each other and request meaning that please take me away from here, let us both go back to Australia. Neil and Nein Bi are sitting downstairs and suddenly he gets to hear the sound of crying of Mini and he gets worked up to have a check on them.

However, Nein Bi asked him not to interfere between two sisters. She says the relationship between Arya and Mini are blood related and they can be each other healing anyday. She says you shouldn’t interfere between two blood related sisters, or else you will be a third person only. Arya is asking Mini Do you think that I am a loser because I was crying and getting scared? Mini says to Arya that crime is not always a sign of being weak. Maybe sometimes crying helps you to feel better and light.

Mini says to Arya that listen to me very carefully you or your friend Neha don’t need to get scared of anybody. Both of you didn’t do anything wrong but it is the fault of that Keval uncle who did wrong with such innocent kids. Finally, Mini puts Arya to sleep and she comes out of the room and she is feeling suffocated with the words of Arya. Neil asks Mini if she was okay? Mini is feeling like saying things to him but the promise made to Arya about keeping it a secret stops her from revealing it.

Neil says I know I am a stranger and not a part of your circle of trust but I just wanted to tell you that I am standing just here behind both of you. Mini says to both of them that you yourself don’t know what you have become for us in this short span of time. Maybe there are some differences for office reasons but you are not that far from us mentally that we will think of you as a stranger. So never use that word again .

In the morning, Mini is having a conversation with the mother of Neha about the incident in the school. However, her mother is getting scared to discuss the topic in front of her father. Mini gets to hear open the phone that she is not comfortable in discussing the matter in front of her husband and is clearly fumbling. The mother of Neha finally agreed to come and meet Mini at 3:30 pm in the afternoon.

Precap – Mini says to the mother of Neha that I am going to meet the principal of the school today and if you want to come then come with me.