Patiala Babes 17th January 2020 Written Update: Mini and Neil are arguing over the rental room

Episode begins with Mini is asking for explanations from Neil about the messages she is getting in her phone. She says to Neil I want to know no the reason behind this message and I owe an explanation from you.

Neil says sorry to Mini for this incidents and he says he will fix it up. He goes downstairs and calls a person and says he will manage things for that and warned not to message her landlord lady from now on. Mini gifts to hear the conversation from the terrace and for some unknown reason she becomes a bit upset.

Neil comes to her and apologized for the inconvenience, Mini says if you have any pending loan to clear then why are you delaying it? Neil says there are some loans which you cannot settle in your entire lifetime. Mini comes to her room and she gets lost in the thoughts of Neil and unknowingly a smile appears on her face.

The next morning she is telling her friend, we are actually getting worried for no reason. He has some loans and that is why that person is calling him. Her friend is asking meaning then what about the messages and those messages are also stopped coming post his phone call with that person.

Her friend says seems like the financial management of Neil is not so good, Mini says he is exactly like my bed and she is also used to be like that I don’t know why I have such weird people in my life. Mini is making an omelette for Arya and hi friend ask why are you having this omelette and toast when you have a shape in your house and she can make delicious breakfasts for you.

Arya says Neil is not yet up from his sleep. Mini says my head chef cannot be late at all, she goes to wake him up after asking her friend to take care of the food.

She goes to wake up Neil from sleep but Neil dragged her on the bed in sleep and both of them gets stunned after seeing each other on the same bed. Neil and Mini gets into an argument Neel demands for a renewed and well decorated room. Mini says I cannot arrange that for you and both of them and some are giving meet each other about this matter. Neil does so much drama in front of Mini and she gets irritated with him.

Precap – Mini slaps Arya for saying her third wish to Neil.