Patiala Babes 17th March 2020 Written Update: Mini gets reminded of her father behaviour after seeing Neil and Kiya

Episode begins with Mini is in house of Neil in Delhi and suddenly she noticed some pictures on the wall and finds out that Neil has someone else in his life already. A Girl came down and the lawyers address her as Mrs oberoi and Mini is shocked to see this, moreover she gets more shocked to see that Neil has a daughter as well. The legal processing of divorce is going on in the house and his would be ex-wife is saying that if you finalize the divorce, then after that I will never let you meet with our daughter Kiya.

She says to him you don’t want to continue in relationship with me you don’t even know anything about your daughter Kiya neither you are interested in giving another chance to our marriage then we shouldn’t delete the processing of divorce and I feel by the next hearing of court we will get the divorce from each other as well. Mini is heartbroken to see so many things are happening around her and she doesn’t expect anything like this.

A small kid is sitting in a far distance from them and she is asking to the house help lady is this person is my father and Neil gets to hear that. His ex-wife says is the processing has to complete by the next meeting then there is no point of me sitting over here and wasting my time with you because I have to leave now and let go to the dance classes of my daughter and we will get late.

Neil runs behind her to meet his daughter and says you never let me meet my daughter in all these years I just wanted to see Kiya for one time. However she doesn’t allow him to meet her and says if we are getting divorced then there is no point of you meeting Kiya or have any update about her because you never care in all these years.

Neel is broken that he missed a chance to meet his daughter again. Mini gets to remember how her father used to have no clue about his own daughter. However, he comes back and crying in a corner when Mini goes and stands beside him. He doesn’t eat anything in the house and when many stairs should I leave for Chandigarh now? Neil says when will you go alone I am a worker of Patiala babes and a paying guest in your house and that is my real house Mini and he left with her for Chadigarh.

Nainbe calls Mini to get some update and she says we will reach home by tonight. Both of them sit in the taxi together but things are changed a lot between them.
Nainbee reads the letter Neil left for Mini and she gets shocked.

Precap – Neil tried to hold hand of Mini but she moves her hand away.