Patiala Babes 18th December 2019 Written Update: Neel accepts Minnie’s challenge!

Today’s episode starts with Bebe introduces Minnie to the chef and tells after her mother died she is looking after the restaurant. Chef shows his disbelieve on Minnie and refuses to give his interview to her. Minnie tries to convince Amarjeet but he refused to take restaurant job. Minnie gets upset but Bebe ask her not and further she asks Minnie to be little strict in front of the chefs. Minnie says she is right and now  she will her bossy attitude.

Neel oberoi introduces himself to Minnie and she stands stunned. Minnie asks Neel to sit for the interview and gets surprised reading his resume. She asks Neel why he left his previous job. Neel replies he didn’t left but was fired from the company.

The duo talks with each other and Minnie gets nervous taking Neel’s interview. Minnie ask Neel why he was fired, neel replies people didn’t like him. Minnie asks him or his food. Neels says none can raise a question on his cooking. Afterwards, Minnie asks Neel to show his skills by preparing food and make them taste.

Neel accepts that challenge and tells that he will make Kheer. Minnie introduces other chef to Neel and he says he don’t need anyone and can manage alone.

Bebe ask Minnie what she thinks do Neel will be able to make the Kheer. Minnie says he is weird can’t say. Neel prepares the kheer and Minnie and Bebe watches him from far.  Seeing Neel working in the kitchen, Minnie recalls Babes.

Neel prepares the food and Minnie calls Arya. Arya comes and gets excited seeing the Kheer. She asks Minnie who made. Minnie signals to Neel and tells her that he has made. Aryra sees Neel and tries to recall where she has seen him. Neel makes faces.

Precap: Neel asks to taste the food. Minnie thinks if she will make Neel the chef he will not let her live in peace.