Patiala Babes 18th March 2020 Written Update: Mini feels hurt and dejected to know the past of Neil

Episode begins with Mini and Neil coming back from Delhi to Patiala and both are upset and broke to an extent with the recent happenings. Drive to hold the hand of many in the car but she doesn’t approved him. At a point, Neil stopped the car and comes out of it and started to cry. Mini also tries to control her tears so much but she is not able to do it.

Inside the Patiala House, Arya Preeti and Nainbee are playing games with each other and they are getting worried for Mini and Neil. After a certain time both of them are back in the house, Arya says to Mini that she is waiting for her from a long time and she was absent like this, which is not fare at all. She asks Neil what did you bring for me this time from Delhi? Mini says to Arya they are in Delhi for some important work and is it really necessary to bring something for her every time he visits the city. She manages a situation in the house by saying that Neil must be tired after a long journey so please let you go inside and have some rest.

Preeti understand something wrong and she asked both of them about the same but Mini ignores the question and goes upstairs while Neil remains silent. Preeti goes behind meaning and when she gets to know the whole story she was shocked. She says I cannot believe that mail is married and he also got a child. Mini says that I felt so ignored, unwanted and unnecessary in his house. as if I don’t know this mail at all which is that nil which I saw in that house was completely different from the one I know. I can sense his fragrance in that house of Delhi.

Mini says that I felt so humiliated and hurt today and I don’t know why. Priti says Neil betrayed you and for that I will never forgive him. Mini says that was never the case because he never promised me anything and fat all the time he used to go back instead of coming close to me and that all was a sign from his side that he has a past but it was me who never pay attention to all this things. I know he made many attempts to tell me about his side of story but maybe I was not strong enough to face the reality so I never ever wanted to know it at all.

Mini says to Priti he never told me I love you and neither there was any sort of signal from his side. Maybe it was all friendship between us which I took in a different way. She says there is nothing between us and it was all one sided and it was just my illusion.

Precap: Nainbe asks Neil to exit from the life of Mini without telling Mini about his real feelings. Neil says to Mini I will quit Patiala Babes in a month.